Marketing Strategies In Social Media Platforms Explained

Social media is part of everyone’s lives, especially for the younger generation. With billions of people browsing through social media platforms every day, there is no wonder why digital marketers have utilized these platforms as part of their marketing campaigns.  Creating a social media business profile is one of the first things that any online […]

Youtube vs. TikTok Marketing: Social Media Platforms Comparison

There are millions of social media users globally. That is why it’s no surprise that digital marketers jumped right into social media as a primary marketing and ecommerce platform. Social media offers amazing opportunities to reach a larger audience and advertise to diverse groups of people.  However, using social media for marketing may not be […]

Marketing in Social Media Platforms Explained for Beginners

Marketing is an essential part of any business. However, a new form of marketing emerged in today’s digital age and the internet world. Instead of traditional marketing tactics such as newspaper ads and billboards, businesses turned to digital marketing to promote, sell, and advertise their products or services.  According to the latest reports, social media […]

Social Media Trends of 2022 Marketers Need to Check Out

Social Media has evolved from simple, trivial tweets, status updates, and no-filter food posts, and it just keeps evolving. It has proven itself to be a tool for marketers and creators to promote their products, services, and their brand.    However, despite its efficacy in promoting your content and brand out there, the trends change […]

Connecting with Your Customers through Empathy in Marketing

Marketers and content creators are in the business of establishing relationships between the company and their consumers, or their potential audience. This becomes apparent when we talk with a business about their communications plan, social media strategy, website development or a simple advertisement, the first conversation always starts with “tell us more about your audience.” […]

Creating Funny Video Content to Engage Your Audience

Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” It’s been proven that not only is laughter healing, it’s in our nature to laugh or find things to laugh at. Marketers and content creators have been utilizing this, understanding the consumers’ need to look at something funny. But here’s the thing, humor […]