7 Things You Can Do With Online Reviews

Reviews are exciting. There’s no denying that. You know the feeling of excitement when you get a notification that someone’s left you a review. But of course, they’re not just great to read; reviews are also tremendously valuable too. According to one recent study, 90% of American consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. […]

The Value of Good Customer Service

Good customer service is something that’s lacking today. We all know what good service should look like, but most of us can count on one hand the number of excellent customer service interactions we’ve had over the last month –or even year. Some 51% of customers say that most companies fall short of their expectations […]

Make Your Business More Efficient

If you are a time-crunched business owner, then you know the value of expanding and scaling your business. After all, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying,” so the adage goes –and there’s a lot of truth to it! The problem, though, is the busier you get the less time you have to build new projects, […]

Social Media Ad Platforms: A Comparison

Social media. It’s changed our world, and it’s certainly revolutionized how we do business. For business owners and brands today, social media is a tremendous resource that we have at our fingertips, allowing us to reach out to our audience seamlessly –all with a few clicks. But while there’s no denying its impact, for many […]