Operations Assistant

We are looking for a operations assistant with strong oral & writing English skills, previous multi-departmental management and customer service experience. This position is an excellent opportunity for a motivated individual with the self-discipline to work from home.

Description of Duties

  • Coordinating with operations manager for tasks
  • Going through a list of daily recurring tasks pertaining to management and assistance of different departments
  • Handling customer service (queries and disputes) via email, chat or phone call (including occasionally answering client questions on Facebook and other social media platforms)
  • Management of different teams including holding meetings with other department heads or assistants
  • Draft custom emails templates for recurring issues with clients
  • Proofreading policies & finding areas in the company that require adjustment/improvement
  • Coordinating with the community regarding internal issues/disputes and queries
  • Assistance in creating, drafting new systems for better workflow
  • Following a series of preset steps for onboarding new clients
  • Assessing client needs and aid in improving our client care system
  • Assessing employee needs and aid in improving our employee care system
  • Coordinate with HR pertaining to new hires and client/customer requirements
  • Coordinate with Finance & accounting pertaining to internal company data (i.e. employee payroll, employment status, etc.)
  • Off-boarding clients from our system after the client lifecycle ends
  • Coordinating with Tech department regarding issues with the internal system
  • Coordinate, supervise and accountable for the daily/weekly/monthly activities of different departments
  • Assists operations manager and sets priorities for the team to ensure task completion and performance goals are met
  • Coordinate work activities (i.e meetings) with other team leaders, managers, departments, etc
  • Identify and resolve operational problems using defined processes, expertise and judgment
  • Aid operations manager and head of operations in providing coaching and feedback to team members, including formal corrective action
  • Provide expertise and customer service support to team member(s) and/or customer(s)

Skills & Requirements

  • Perfect written & oral English
  • Previous management experience
  • Previous customer service experience (Phone, chat & email support)
  • Strong computer skills: Excel, Outlook etc.
  • Strong Internet skills: Google Docs, Skype, Search etc.
  • Previous Google sites creation & experience
  • Extremely detailed oriented
  • Ability to make on the spot judgement calls
  • Ability to effectively prioritize work flow
  • Ability to create/aid in systems to improve company processes
  • Experience with task management and/or project management software
  • Excellent task and time management skills

Working Hours & Location

Sidekicks operates in a “Results Oriented Work Environment” aka ROWE, where the team work very unique hours. This position allows employees to work from wherever suits them. Applicant must have the ability to work from home or remotely. An internet backup plan must be in place if your primary connection goes down.

Since the majority of our workforce currently operates during the day (Philippine time, GMT+8) this position requires a day shift for 8 hours daily.

How to Apply

Send an email to telling us about yourself and attach a resumé. Use the subject “Application as Operations Assistant”.