Product Development Dept. Leader

We are currently looking for someone that has a strong ability to take the initiative on new projects. This position requires the individual to be a forward thinker and understand and anticipate the outcomes of the materials they create. The person in this role will lead the initiative on new projects that will push the company forward in a positive manner.

Description of Duties

  • Create feedback loops with all stakeholders
  • Innovate new solutions to stakeholder problems
  • Creating and implementing solutions
  • Aiding in the development of new materials in the HR dept
  • Aiding in the development of new policies in the Ops dept
  • Create material that promotes ongoing job satisfaction
  • Continually raise the standard for training and onboarding new VA’s
  • Other duties that may be assigned from time to time

Skills & Requirements

  • Ability to create docs, sheets and presentations in Google Drive
  • Solid phone access; dependable smart phone
  • A high-speed internet connection, with a backup if your primary goes down
  • Rockstar writing skills and attention to detail
  • Expert communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Brilliant project management style
  • Must be extremely flexible

Working Hours & Location

Sidekicks operates in a “Results Oriented Work Environment” aka ROWE, where the team work very unique hours. This position allows employees to work from wherever suits them. Applicant must have the ability to work from home or remotely. An internet backup plan must be in place if your primary connection goes down.

Since the majority of our workforce currently operates during the day (Philippine time, GMT+8) this position requires a day shift for 8 hours daily.

How to Apply

Send an email to telling us about yourself and attach a resumé. Use the subject “Application as Product Dev Leader”.