Executive Summary

The Evangelisti Companies prides itself on how the company has grown for the past 40 years. Starting as a small drywall business when the Internet was not even heard of, the company now does a lot of its transactions online. The company has established a huge online presence the past few years that they needed help in managing their daily tasks so they can focus on bringing The Evangelisti Companies to even greater heights.

About the Client

More than 40 years ago, the Evangelisti Companies started as a drywall business. It has grown exponentially over the years to a premier construction company in the area. Its development companies have been building, renovating and selling homes, with hundreds of homes built throughout the South Jersey region.

The Evangelisti Group is the sales division, home to the most dedicated, hard-working agents in the business. The company has a listing office with real estate agents that list and/or sell homes at a retail price, as well as a direct investment division that buys and sells homes directly for cash.


Prior to working with Sidekicks, the employees of the Evangelisti Companies did most of the VA related or day-to-day tasks which interfered with their daily output. These include doing backend work such as listing information, lead generation, content creation, and social media management. As the company grew and built their online presence, the additional tasks did not really fit with the employees’ job description and tied them down with a ton of extra work. This set up affected their online presence because they weren’t able to keep up with the work for a given week at the rate they were growing. This resulted in the tasks being overlooked or the employees being overworked and frustrated.

How Sidekicks helped (Solution)

Sidekicks is an on-demand virtual assistant company that takes care of a company’s day-to-day tasks to make their business work. These tasks such as recordkeeping, data entry, content creation, social media management, lead generation and listing information although important are usually being overlooked or not done efficiently. However, when these tasks are done right by a team of experts such as Sidekicks, the results are tremendous. Not only does it boost the client’s business but it also allows them to focus on higher-level activities.

  • Lead Generation
    Since TEC’s main business is buying, renovating and selling homes, we have assisted them in gathering data, generating leads for properties and emailing listing agents once offer prices are given. This also includes updating spreadsheets and processing leads on their database which translated into an efficient lead generation process for TEC.
  • Content Creation
    The Evangelisti Companies have a huge online presence. Through Sidekicks dedicated Content Manager, a content calendar was created for all assets to schedule creation and distribution of content. This includes designing graphics as well as layouting posts and social media content. The content our VAs create effectively promotes and markets deals as well as generate leads to websites and different social media assets. The results can be seen through an increase in interactions and responses from other investors, especially over social media.
  • Social Media Management
    Because of Sidekicks VA Content creation strategies, TEC has been getting an increase in engagement and inquiries through social media. Our team has also been manning TEC’s social media sites by responding to comments and messages. This has made it a lot easier for TEC to focus more on the deal-making end, rather than the actual lead generation process.

Through our partnership, the TEC employees day to day work life has become easier. They started off with 1 VA to test the waters and after a week they saw the huge difference it made to their productivity that they ended up adding 3 more VAs in a span of 2 months. They were able to attend to their main tasks while delegating the additional tasks to our team of dedicated virtual assistants. This boost in productivity as shown in the graph below allowed TEC employees to focus more on their clients and show off the type of atmosphere they have at their company.

Client Testimonial

From the Client

I would recommend Sidekicks to anyone that needs help with their business. They are able to handle multiple different things, some of the skills they already know may even surprise you. They definitely benefited our company and I’m sure they will be able to help no matter what business you’re in.