We hire, we train and we manage your team so you can focus on what really matters –
building, growing and scaling your business


Your time is more valuable than money. We know you can always get more money, but you will never be able to get more time.

As serial entrepreneurs, we’ve spent the last half-decade building and scaling internet businesses. No matter what challenges we’ve faced along the way, the greatest challenges we've had were:

  • 1. Carefully monitoring the value of our time as entrepreneurs
  • 2. Delegating the right tasks to the right people

Through our years of experience, we've become familiar with how to handle the challenges startups and seasoned businesses face when it's time to scale. We understand just how difficult it is to find the right people to turn your business vision into a profitable reality.

The Sidekicks platform evolved to solve our own growth bottlenecks—finding highly skilled and experienced online virtual assistants and training them to meet our standards for our own startups and ventures.

Now, you’re invited to relax and let us find the right people to handle the day-to-day tasks eating up your profitability. We’re happy to hire, train, and manage the team you need so you don’t have to.


Instead of leveraging traditional job sites and hiring channels, Sidekicks works on a recommendation-based platform.

We rely on our existing network of outsourced contractors to introduce their trusted friends and family to Sidekicks.

Through this process, we create a community—a true network of specialists and virtual assistants who love to work with each other and truly enjoy the opportunity we’ve created for them


A Better Experience For Business Owners
And Outsourced Specialists

We create incredible opportunities for the people we hire, train, and manage for you. And because we’re creating opportunities where opportunity is needed the most, the contractors we hire are excited and eager to share their incredible work-from-home experience as a Sidekicks associated with family and friends.

The result? Our customer service representatives, email support associates, and virtual assistants are willing to work harder for you at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hire or freelancer.


Committed to Creating Opportunity for Everyone

Our mission goes beyond helping your business grow and scale through excellent service.

We’re also dedicated to creating an opportunity for every employee we hire.

Sidekicks is redefining employment in the Philippines by giving Filipinos a way out of undesirable working conditions.

Many of our specialists already have years of experience working for the multinational corporations that outsource services to the Philippines.

If you are interested to work from home and enjoy:

  • Better Pay
  • Long-term Benefits
  • Job Security
  • No Commute
  • Continuous Training

Then come and join Sidekicks’ growing family!

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