We Start By Recruiting, Training, and Hiring Just for Your Business and Your Needs

Build Your Team
As You Grow

Scale up, scale down—without worrying about customer support management. We’ll build, grow, and scale your team as your business grows.

Manage Tickets

We do all of the work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your customers and prospects stay satisfied. Take all of the time-consuming tickets off your plate!

Optimized Hiring
& Training

Our management team monitors performance, checks for customer service quality, and optimizes the team we implement for you as needed.

Here’s How We Find Top Notch Talent

Your time is more valuable than money. We know you can always get more money, but you will never be able to get more time.


Internal Referral Recruitment

Instead of job board postings, we select candidates who are referred by friends who already work with us—adding more employees to our customer support family.


4-Round Screening Process

Only the top 3% of all applicants make it through our rigorous 4-step screening process. Internal testing and multiple interview stages ensure quality hires.


Industry-Leading Qualifications

Our basic criteria for employment as a Sidekick exceeds industry average with beyond entry level qualification requirements and testing.

Here’s How We Train Support Staff

50 Hour Intensive
Training Course

All new hires participate in a 5-day, 50 hour course called the Sidekicks Academy where they learn the customer service standards your business needs to succeed.


We create custom 3-day bootcamp just for your company, training new hires on the systems, practices, and procedures you use (or we’ll help you create).

Family Support

Each member of our support family are supported by a team leader and direct manager who work together to monitor progress and maintain morale.

Here’s How We Build, Motivate, and Coach a Winning Team

Your time is more valuable than money. We know you can always get more money,
but you will never be able to get more time.

Internal Feedback Collection

We gather our own internal feedback while querying your customers and prospects to determine customer service problem areas before they become a problem.

Process Assessment

Each and every day, Sidekicks project managers complete a process assessment review, analyzing key customer support metrics.

Ongoing Optimization

Based on customer feedback, your experience, internal, and external data, we constantly optimize your customer support staff and process.

All While Integrating Directly With
Your Existing Help Desk and Support System

Each and every team member we hire to help support your customers and your business participates in 3-day training to learn the processes and systems you already use to help
your customers, clients, and prospects.

Our familiarity with all major help desks makes transitioning to Sidekicks Support
fast, easy, and surprise-free.

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We’ll Hire, Train, and Manage Your New Customer Support Team.

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