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How to apply?

Subject Title and Recipient

Send your applications to with the Subject Title: [Code No. and Name] [space] [your facebook page link]

Refer to the Code # below:

  • 1844 - Customer Service / Virtual Assistant
  • 2314 - Digital Marketing / Lead Gen
  • 8990 - Special Cases

i.e. To:
Subject: 1844 Customer Service

Body / Attachments

  1. Send a recording of yourself speaking in English for 30 seconds or longer (this can be you talking about yourself or something you are interested in, it doesn't really matter - I just want to hear your level of spoken English). Attach the mp3 file in your email. If your file is not in mp3 extension, please convert it before sending the file.
  2. Do a speedtest ( and paste the link here.
  3. Are you using a laptop or a desktop? If you are using a desktop, what is your backup in case of a power outage? Do you have a backup internet connection?
  4. Take a screenshot of your PC/Laptop Specs. If you're using a Macbook/Mac, screenshot of your Mac OS.
  5. Attach your updated Resume/CV and portfolio (if any)