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At Sidekicks, we recognize and appreciate everyone’s strengths and skills like no other. We’re committed to helping both our clients and agents to grow and step up.

Enjoy life while working remotely! Join the Sidekicks Fam!

Here’s what some of our Inday/Dodongs/Agents say about SK:

Jeff Damasco
Jeff Damasco

After working in a corporate world here and abroad. I have decided to take care of my family.

Being part of the Sidekicks family, I found my second home. They ensure that growth is part of my development as an individual and as an employee. I’m proud to be a member of Sidekicks! And I am ready to save the day!

Daniel Arias
Daniel Arias

I started as a Sidekick 5 years ago. Fresh from the very busy and stressful life of the Call Center Industry. Ever since, I have loved working here with the pleasure of staying at home, with your family and the perks of more sleep time rather than sleeping at the office when I was still in a Call Center company. No more commuting and rush hour traffic. It is truly fun working at home!

Liz Villar
Liz Villar

Working with Sidekicks has been and is still a great experience since I started back in 2016. Working from home made a huge difference in my life as I got the chance to spend more time with my family and still bring food to the table. Sidekicks has helped me grow by teaching me new skills and matching me with awesome clients. The SK management always gives a safe and healthy work environment. Working here especially during this pandemic gave me a sense of comfort that career-wise, they have my back. Will always be grateful!

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