Do the agents work on multiple projects or for multiple clients?
Sidekicks agents are 100% dedicated to a single business. Sidekicks does not utilize a traditional “outsourced” model. We hire, train, and manage a dedicated support team on your behalf.
I don’t feel comfortable handing over our customers to strangers.
We have a lot of clients who request to start with a test to see how things go. There’s a big difference between the type of support you’ll receive at Sidekicks vs. outsourced firms. Our culture is like a family. We pay our staff better, offer more flexibility, and as a result our team members feel like they have “the best jobs in the world.” That team member happiness translates into really good, effective support for your customers.
What is your turnover rate?
Sidekicks has a virtually zero turnover rate. Industry standards in customer support are over 100% annually as most Filipinos absolutely hate the office culture. We’ve created an entirely different model and rather than seeing massive turnover, we have a massive waiting list of the friends and family members of current agents who also want to work at Sidekicks!
Is your support 24/7?
We offer 24/7 support
How do you train your agents to understand our brand?

We can train our agents exactly how your team wants. It can be identical to how you currently train your in-house customer support agents or, what we commonly do with clients, is work together to create an improved and streamlined onboarding process.

You’re hiring a team through us -- it is your team. Whatever you want them to do, however you want them to be trained, we'll do it. We're here to build you an incredible team. Just tell us what you want and we'll build it out so you don't have to worry about it.

How will Sidekicks improve our way our business is managed?

We provide you with real time customer support feedback loops to provide upper management information needed to make important decisions.

You can add a team of 5, 10, 50, or even hundreds… yet only interface with one or a few managers. That means reduced costs and time saved, and exceptional support for your customers!

How fast can we scale with Sidekicks (if need be)?
We can handle any needs. For example, one client added 20 agents a few weeks before the holidays to meet demand. We onboard quickly (in less than two weeks) and set up Sidekicks agents for success. If you have the need for over 500 support agents, please contact sales.
How is their English?
Sidekicks written english is outstanding. Your customers likely won’t realize they’re emailing or chatting someone on the other side of the world.
What level of education do Sidekicks agents have?
College Diploma or Equivalent
How does the work-at-home culture work?
One of the reasons most call-centers in the Philippines experience such high turnover is they force employees to slug through a 1, 2, or even 3 hour commute (both ways) every day to a stifling office. Sidekicks agents work from home and feel like rockstars. We track everything, and are pleased to report our agents are incredibly productive and professional.
Internet quality?
Sidekicks guarantees that all our agents have excellent internet. All agents are required to have at least 3 mbps internet connection as well as a back-up connection in case of emergencies.
What kind of people work at Sidekicks?

The kind of person that will be doing your support is not your typical outsourced call center person. Our crew are hip and educated Filipinos. We're basically a company full of "would-be" San Francisco hipsters and work-at-home professional types — just the Filipino version. They look like the Filipino version of any San Francisco millennial. This response isn’t coming from a superficial place, we just know that people often have an image of blue collar Indian outsourcing agency types.

The same start-up culture is happening in the Philippines that you see in the USA — co-working spaces, marketing meetups, tech events, a booming venture capital scene — and you have the same culture of young well-dressed, well-spoken Filipinos with Macbooks, iPhones, and Instagram that you'd see around the USA. They adore the West coast tech culture.

Our goal with Sidekicks is to find people who are better than the staff you would find the USA. We want you to be just as happy (if not happier) with the individuals that you would hire in the USA for 4-5X as much. If you could fill your in-house support team with Sidekicks agents, you'd be excited about hiring them.

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