Outrageously Good Customer Support At A Fraction Of The Price…

Customers are more demanding than ever. And if your customer support is anything less-than-amazing, it’s hurting your bottom line. Frankly, using the traditional model, good support is downright expensive. And time consuming. That’s why we created a better solution.

Sidekicks is a paradox: We provide top notch customer service, yet we're flat out less expensive than the rest of the support industry. See, we've cut out 90% of the expenses (and headaches) you'd normally incur to provide outstanding support to your customers.

We hire, train, and manage a team of full time agents dedicated to YOUR business. And we pass all of the savings onto you. That means you can focus on growing your company. We’ll take care of your customers.

How much does Sidekicks World Class Support cost?

tickets per month
$2250 VS $5850
per month per month
Sidekicks traditional
*estimate *estimate
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Sidekicks allowed us to seamlessly scale our customer support through a massive growth phase. Keeping up with the customer support was a constant challenge. We looked at a few alternatives and are glad we chose to work with Sidekicks because they exceeded our expectations. Their team does an amazing job at a reasonable price without sacrificing response and interaction quality with our customers.

After starting out with a small test, we now have a growing, dedicated Sidekicks team to keep customers happy around the clock and help achieve our core customer interaction goals.

Christian Smith
— Christian Smith, Co-Founder, Trackr

Sidekicks transformed the way I think about team building. Our company initially had a lot of reservations about outsourcing overseas, but now we're kicking ourselves for not starting earlier.

Keith Mander
— Keith Mander, CEO, Yuca.co

We Do Customer Support

So You Don’t Have To

If you’re ready to scale your business but your team just doesn’t have enough time to handle support tickets, customer issues, and inquires, we’re here to help.

Our job is to eliminate the customer support bottleneck holding your business back.

Let our experienced customer support specialists handle the front-end requests eating up your team’s time, and watch your business grow faster, with less hassle, and fewer setbacks.

We’re ready and waiting to be your customer support sidekicks, hiring, managing, and even training the service team that will keep your customers happy and your business growing.

Sit Back and Let Your Sidekicks Do the Work.

We Have All Email Inquiry and Live Chat Needs Covered.

Available When You Aren’t

5PM on a Friday? Your employees are ready to sign off for the weekend.

Let us take all the work out of the work no one wants to tackle, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Email Support & Live Chat

We’ll answer immediate support questions and inquires on live chat or reduce the wait time in your support ticket queue.

You are free to choose how to integrate our services.

Drastically Reduced Wait Times

Don’t make your customers wait days before hearing back from your business.

We’ll handle inquires quickly so you can keep customers happy with prompt replies from real people.

Say Goodbye to Your Stack of Support Tickets.

We’ve Got Your Back
(for Less than the Cost of Another Employee).

Sidekicks come at a fraction of the cost of a full-time (or even part time) employee you hire.

We do all the hiring, management, and training for you. We take care of payroll. And you just pay one flat per month rate based on the services you need.

Sidekicks makes staffing easier than ever with effortless hiring and no-work-for you training.

Because our support specialists are already familiar with the support systems you use, we can be up and running and responding to your growing stack of support tickets in no time.

The Advantage of More Employees

Without the Effort, Time, or Cost.

We Hire.

Don’t find yourself in another hiring
SNAFU, stuck sorting through applications or scouring a bid-site for a remote VA who can fit your budget. Let us do the work. We’ve already hired a team of experienced support specialists ready to help.

We’ve already hired a team of experienced support specialists ready to help.

We Train.

We’ll take care of training too.

Just let us know what support systems you are using and your company policies and we’ll take care of showing our customer support agents how to use your software and how to meet your business goals.

We Manage.

Sidekicks customer support is a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee—and you don’t even have to manage anyone!

Just let us know what you need done, and our team will take care of it. We’ll manage your support staff for you.

Great People. Great Service.

Your Customers Will Love Your New
Support Sidekicks.

Right now, your team draws straws to determine who will respond to support tickets. Ok—maybe they don’t—but the fact is this:

Few people on your team enjoy working in customer support.

Isn’t it time to put the people you have assigned to customer support to work scaling your business?

We’ll hire great people who love responding to customer inquires, we’ll train them in best practices for your industry and business, and we’ll manage them so they always provide great service—long after you close up for the day or weekend and your staff goes home.

+ we’ll always be there, providing prompt service 24/7 -365.

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We’ll Hire, Train, and Manage Your New Customer Support Team.

Ready to reduce wait times, increase customer satisfaction, and take
all the work out of customer support? We’re here to help.