Video content creation has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Whether it’s a bunch of teenagers participating in a dance challenge or a high-quality product promotion video, you can find a wide array of video content on various social media platforms. 

Videos are both fun to do and fun to watch. Taking this into consideration, digital marketers have adopted video content creation as part of their marketing tools. But how do you exactly start a video marketing campaign for your business? Here is a quick guide on how to start video content creation for marketing. 


Why Use Video Marketing For Your Business?

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Video marketing is one of the most popular marketing tools. You can see it in the increase in YouTube views, the popularity of TikTok, and the multitude of Facebook and Instagram reels on your timeline. But what exactly makes video content a good marketing tool for your business?

One of the benefits of using video content is that it can grab people’s attention better than text or audio content. This is because videos involve both auditory and visual senses which makes them more attention-grabbing and engaging. But aside from this, people also find visual content easier to process compared to text such as articles and blogs. That is why it is generally easier to watch movies than to read a book. 

Another advantage of video marketing is that videos are easy to share and spread to different platforms. According to recent reports, social videos are shared significantly more than text or image social media posts. Thus, video marketing makes it easier to increase visibility and boost brand awareness among a larger number of people. 


Tips For Creating Video Content for a Marketing Campaign

Creating video content simply for fun and for marketing purposes are two significantly different things. When it comes to video marketing, it is important to keep the audience’s wants and needs in mind to make your content valuable to their experience. An effective marketing campaign should be able to promote your brand or product, provide valuable information, boost presence and brand awareness, as well as engage your target audience.


Appeal to your audience’s emotions

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Video content is one of the easiest ways to establish a connection with an audience. However, the more important element in video content that helps build this connection is the art of storytelling. People can watch a ton of videos online. But only a handful of those can create a unique connection. 

Videos that appeal to the audience’s feelings and emotions make them memorable and allow them to stand out over the thousands of other video content online. Telling a story allows your audience to relate to your brand and your ideology or philosophy as a company. Then, it correlates your product or service and shows how it is relevant based on the video’s story. 

So to reach a larger audience and connect to a significant number of people, your video’s storytelling needs to appeal to their emotions. Whether it’s happiness, excitement, concern, sadness, empathy, and the like. Good storytelling makes it easier for the viewer to digest and keeps them interested in watching your content til the end.


Be SEO friendly

Video content creation for marketing is more than just posting tons of videos and waiting for someone to chance upon and watch them. Just like written content such as blog posts and articles, video marketing also involves SEO or search engine optimization to boost its online visibility. 

There are different ways to make your video content SEO friendly. One of which involves adding a video transcript or captions to your post. This text works as a page copy that makes it easier for the algorithm to spot keywords and boost search rankings. Another way to create SEO-friendly video content is to use titles that are engaging but are search engine optimized as well.


Learn the art of clickbaiting

There are millions of content creators in the world and even more video content is posted on various social media platforms. So how do viewers choose which videos to watch? Aside from those already in their recommended list, content creators capitalize on the concept of click-baiting.

Click baiting refers to the use of exaggerated titles and even images to entice people to click on and view your content. Recently, click-baiting has gained a rather bad reputation as it typically involves exaggerated titles with content that fails to deliver to the viewer’s expectations. 

When looked at a different way, the purpose of clickbait is to grab a person’s attention and generate traffic. To use clickbait properly, it is important to ensure that your content lives up to what your clickbait title is saying. Baiting viewers especially in video content is a mistake as it takes a lot of their time to watch a video and later realize they wasted their time doing so. 

While there is an often negative connotation for the term clickbait, using this for your video marketing strategy the right way can benefit your brand or business. But at the same time, abusing and overusing this practice can also negatively affect your brand’s image online.


Use the right type of video content

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There are different types of video content that businesses use for marketing. Some types of content differ in terms of length, structure, delivery method, tone, and style. To make your videos suitable for your target audience, it is important to choose the right kind of content that would best fit their general preference as well as the purpose of the video marketing campaign. In addition to this, it is also crucial to post this content on the right platform to get the most reach.

Let’s say that you want to promote your product to teens and young adults. A suitable type of video content would be a short form product promotion video. It would only be a quick 15 to a 30-second long video posted on social media sites with mostly young people such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. On the other hand, if you want to create an instructional video for professionals, it would be most effective when it’s done using a long-form webinar or documentary format uploaded on LinkedIn or YouTube. 


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