Online entrepreneurship has been increasingly popular over the years. As technology and the digital industry continue to be an integral part of our daily lives, more and more people are finding ways to jump into electronic commerce to start their online retail business. 

However, starting an online business can feel like a roller coaster ride. Some parts can feel easy, like creating your business profile. But others can be a lot more challenging and sometimes overwhelming. 

Aspiring online entrepreneurs must be prepared for all the challenges they might face to succeed. In relation to this, learning some of the most common and critical mistakes business owners make when starting a business is one way to do so.

With that, here is a list of mistakes entrepreneurs must avoid when running an ecommerce business.


5 Critical Ecommerce Business Mistakes To Avoid

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Failing to do enough research

When starting a business, one of the biggest mistakes any aspiring entrepreneur can make is to jump into the industry without doing enough research. Entrepreneurship is a demanding journey. Not only will it require a ton of your time and effort, but it will also ask for significant investments and resources.

Considering this, it is essential for people who want to start their own business to conduct in-depth research. You need to think you have a good business idea or a unique product to sell. Instead, you need to research whether there is a market or demand for your product and see if building a sustainable business from this idea is feasible.

To do this, entrepreneurs need to look deeper into the current market. Market research aims to determine if there is a need or demand for your product. This step identifies potential customers and analyzes their preferences.

Aside from market research, business owners also need to research potential competitors. Not only will this identify immediate business competition, but it should also give you an idea of how they conduct their business. From here, you can adopt effective strategies and make necessary adjustments to improve your business performance.

Another critical step in business research is to run a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis aims to identify the business’s strengths and weaknesses. It also determines potential opportunities and threats that can influence the business’s success. 


Ignoring the importance of UX and UI design

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Having an ecommerce website is part of starting an online business. This is your storefront, where customers can look through your products and complete an online sale. Considering this, an ecommerce website must be aesthetically and functionally well-built.

However, some online business owners need help to grasp the importance of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. They should have considered how it actually works to focus on the appearance of their website.

The UX and UI design is crucial in creating a functional website. In ecommerce, the UX and UI design should make it easy for customers to navigate through online stores, from browsing categories, reading blogs, and purchasing products.

Your website’s UX and UI design can easily dictate success or failure. A poorly built website can quickly turn away customers, from cluttered home pages to tedious checkout processes. You must design your ecommerce website with customers in mind. 

As much as possible, minimize the effort needed to find products, add them to the cart, and buy them. Make your web pages easily accessible. Included titles and descriptions that can make website visitors understand what each element and content is all about.

Keep in mind that more than a good-looking website is needed to convert visitors into customers. They must have a great user experience to continue browsing your website and purchase one of your products.


Not prioritizing customer support services.

One thing that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind is that the customer is king. They are highly valuable assets that can easily spell the difference between success and failure. Therefore, entrepreneurs must ensure good customer experiences during and after a purchase.

Customer support services are crucial to good customer experiences after a purchase. Your business’s customer support team would likely interact with customers with inquiries, questions, and clarifications.

Considering this, you must learn to invest and prioritize how your customer support services are provided. First, make sure that your support team is easily accessible. Offer a variety of ways to communicate with them, whether via live chat, email, or voice call.

Also, make sure that you can provide your support services anytime. You can use AI technology, such as chatbots, to interact with customers in the initial stages. You can program these chatbots to provide answers to frequently asked questions about your brand, product, or service.

Aside from that, you can also hire employees who can provide customer support services day or night. You can hire remote employees from different locations to ensure someone is there to cater to your customer’s needs regardless of time zones and time differences. 


Adopting too many marketing strategies

Ecommerce is a highly competitive industry. Millions of online businesses and stores are vying for the attention of millions of web users worldwide. Despite this, there are better business strategies to adopt and conduct numerous marketing campaigns simultaneously.

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to draw attention and drive traffic. Considering this, some might think that the more marketing campaigns they do, the more visible their online business is going to be. While this statement has some truth, it is important to understand the concept of quality over quantity.

Conducting marketing campaigns online takes a lot of effort. For a marketing strategy to be successful, businesses need to put a ton of effort and attention into it, whether email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, etc.

Taking this into consideration, a smarter approach to digital marketing is to adopt only a handful of marketing strategies and leverage them to the best of your ability. Use email marketing to reach valuable leads as well as encourage customer loyalty. Then you can also use social media marketing to boost online visibility and increase brand awareness.

Keep your marketing campaigns manageable to ensure that your business is getting the most return on investment (ROI). Otherwise, you would be spending too much effort and resources on numerous marketing campaigns that are performing better than you want them to. 


Not tracking important KPIs

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There is a lot involved in running an ecommerce business. To stay up to date with your current performance, you must be able to track and monitor your business KPIs.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are metrics used to gauge how well your business is doing. It can also measure your progress toward a particular goal or objective. Thus, it can be easy for companies to lose track of their operations without monitoring KPIs.

However, business owners can make another mistake: focusing on the wrong metric. 

Some key performance indicators can be distracting on some occasions. These data can shift your focus away from more important matters.

For example, a dwindling number of website visitors can distract entrepreneurs from critical KPIs, such as customers’ average lifetime or average order value. Some business owners can fixate on the low website traffic and pay little to no attention to more important key performance indicators that directly affect sales and revenue. 



Starting an ecommerce business can feel overwhelming. There is a lot of work to do and things to take care of, so there is a high possibility for entrepreneurs to make mistakes. While there’s nothing wrong with minute mistakes here and there, it’s hard to say the same regarding factors that can gravely affect the business.

Knowing some of the common critical mistakes business owners make in the ecommerce industry is one way to learn and prepare for them. With this knowledge, you put yourself in a better position to manage your business and direct it to the right path. 


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