The past few years have brought tremendous changes in the world. Events such as a global pandemic and rapid technological advancements had significant effects on the economy and society. 

Much can also be said about digital marketing. There was the birth of social media influencers, the unprecedented rise of short-form video content, and even the development of the so-called metaverse. Popular digital marketing trends quickly shifted from one form to another and thus forcing marketers to change marketing strategies from time to time.

With a new year in sight, many wonder what is in store in the digital marketing industry. Here’s a quick summary of digital marketing in 2022 and some trends and predictions for the next year that you should look out for and consider.


Adopting inclusive media content and advertisements

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An important principle of effective digital marketing revolves around the concept of relatability. Generally, an audience is more likely to turn into a potential customer or buyer when they are able to see value in what you have to offer. Adopting a more inclusive form of media content means interacting, connecting, and engaging with diverse audiences. Representation of considered minority groups or audiences can be a powerful method to connect with a relatively smaller but equally important target audience.
A crucial element of this strategy is putting emphasis on representing lived experiences. Drawing from the narratives of these minority groups for your marketing content allows them to better relate and connect with your brand. However, it is also important to be wary of potential biases and negative stereotypes that may harm your campaign. Take careful consideration of and stir away from particular languages, keywords, and topics that may hold bias toward others.


Targeting the younger generation

According to recent population reports, more than half of the global population belongs to the age group 39 years and younger. This means that the largest demographic group that digital marketers can target are mostly Millennials and Gen Zs. Taking this into consideration, it is expected that digital marketing strategies adapt to the needs and preferences of the younger generation. 

In context, Gen Z is the primary generation that grew and developed in the digital age. At the same time, Millennials share certain experiences with both Gen Z and the earlier Baby Boomer generation. Given the massive integration of the internet in our day-to-day lives, strategies such as social media marketing, influencer marketing, and video marketing are expected to be continuously effective with the younger generation in the next years.


Taking social impact into account

With cast information readily available right at our fingertips, people are becoming more and more aware of the world’s current condition. Taking into consideration global issues such as climate change, population, and systemic oppression, people are considering social responsibility and sustainability as part of their buying processes. Given this, businesses and corporations need to take social impact into account when it comes to their operations. 

The role of marketers is to include their business purpose in their campaigns and strategies. However, it is crucial for business owners to follow through with these initiatives as a matter of reliability, consistency, authenticity, as well as respect for their audiences. Businesses need to commit fully and establish a long-term plan for their socially responsible actions and decisions.


Diving into the world of virtual and augmented reality

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Technological advancements are one factor that online business owners and digital marketers need to take into account in their business and marketing plans. One of the latest developments in the digital world revolves around the use and integration of virtual and augmented reality in day-to-day activities.

Making use of these innovations in your marketing campaigns and strategies can take customer experiences to a whole new dimension. Create immersive experiences that will allow potential customers to see how great your digital products, goods, and services are. 


Continuing with short-form video content

In line with the particular preferences and behavior of the relatively younger majority of web users, another trend prediction for digital marketing in 2023 is the persistence and continuous popularity of short-from and snackable video content.

Recent data shows that the average attention span of the Millennials and Gen Z demographic is around 8 to 12 seconds only. Taking this into account, short-form and snackable content such as TikTok videos, YouTube shorts, and Instagram reels are some of the most effective channels to capture the target audience’s attention. 

Unlike long-form videos, short-form video content allows people to view and indulge casually while still absorbing its message fully. However, digital marketers still need to be creative and innovative in the ways they use short-form videos in their marketing campaigns. Generally, this type of video content works for product teasers, promotional brand offers, online sale announcements, as well as entertainment. 



The digital marketing industry can be complicated and complex. Strategies and trends that are effective at a time may not be the best marketing tactics after a while. And although there is really no way to accurately tell what is in the future of digital marketing, using smart predictions and analysis can provide a peek at what marketing strategies would work for the next coming years. 

In this case, much of these predictions are based on looking at the best possible target demographic, their personas, and buying habits. Aside from that, this list also takes into account possible platform changes and technological advancements that can be further integrated into everyday activities.

Regardless, it is important to keep in mind that there is no harm in sticking with the pillars of digital marketing strategies. Before experimenting with your marketing tactics, ensure that proven and tested campaigns such as search engine optimization and email marketing are stable enough to keep your ecommerce business going. 


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