Mobile video marketing has become a critical part of popular online business strategies in today’s highly digital day and age. Mobile videos, such as TikTok videos and YouTube Shorts, are becoming effective and powerful marketing tools for ecommerce businesses, online brands, and digital marketers. 

As mobile devices become more and more accessible and people’s attention spans get shorter, leveraging mobile video content allows brands to engage and interact with their target audiences by offering informative and entertaining content. 

From in-depth how-to videos, enlightening product reviews, moving branded video stories, and live video events, viewers can consume all these types of content while on the go. Considering mobile video marketing’s potential. There is no wonder why digital marketers are looking for ways to incorporate mobile-friendly video content into their campaigns.

But how can digital marketers start using mobile video content exactly?

To help you with this, we’ll provide a quick overview of the mobile video marketing trend. Aside from that, we’ll go over some of the most effective mobile video marketing strategies and tips on how to conduct a successful campaign.


Mobile Video Marketing: Trends and Statistics

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Before we jump into mobile video marketing techniques, strategies, and campaigns, it is essential to understand the current status of mobile video content and its importance in the current digital landscape. 

There has been significant advancement in the realm of mobile technology over the years. Decades ago, people only had desktop computers and dial-up internet connections to access the web. 

Today, anyone can easily access the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data with the use of handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Considering this, there have also been significant changes in the way people access the web and consume content online, particularly videos.

According to the latest reports, mobile video consumption has experienced a massive rise over the past few years. In the US alone, smartphone video viewers rose from 187 million in 2019 to roughly 205 million in 2022. To add to this, data shows that more than 60% of online video viewers state that they watch content using their smartphones. 

Mobile video platforms such as TikTok and YouTube and streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ have experienced significant growth over the past couple of years. 

YouTube stands as the largest video-sharing social media platform, while TikTok has become one of the fastest-growing mobile video apps. Netflix and Disney+ also launched mobile apps and are some of the most installed smartphone apps in 2021. 

With a daily mobile video content consumption of over 50 minutes per day, it is safe to say that mobile viewing is slowly becoming a staple source of entertainment in today’s modern world. Studies expect that mobile video viewing to grow significantly in the next years with the continuous increase in accessibility, as well as trends, such as short-form content, that make online videos more engaging. 


Advantages of Mobile Video Marketing

Video content, in general, is a powerful marketing tool for ecommerce businesses, online brands, and digital marketers. However, what makes mobile videos particularly beneficial when it comes to online marketing?

One of the benefits of mobile video marketing is that it caters to the growing population of mobile web users. According to recent reports, nearly 7 billion or roughly 86% of the world’s total population owns and uses a smartphone. Therefore, leveraging mobile-friendly marketing campaigns can make it easy for marketers to interact and engage with a broad demographic and target audience. 

Another advantage of mobile video marketing campaigns is that it is suited for social media platforms. Video content on social media can bring in numbers. 

A viral video can generate millions of views, impressions, and audience interactions, significantly boosting a brand’s online presence, visibility, and reputation. Considering this, using video content in social media marketing campaigns can make it easy for online brands and businesses to engage and interact with their target market.

Aside from advertising and marketing, mobile video marketing has also made it significantly easy for digital marketers to create content using just their mobile devices. Most smartphones are capable of recording high-quality videos.  Aside from that, there are also a bunch of mobile video editing apps that can create engaging edits. 

This keeps the costs and effort needed for mobile video content creation at a more manageable level, allowing more and more digital marketers to jump into the mobile video trend with the minimal investment needed. In addition, the advent of short-form video content and vertical videos has also made it convenient for digital marketers to create content specifically for mobile viewing.


Helpful Tips On Mobile Video Marketing

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Now that you have a better understanding of what mobile video marketing is and how it works, here are some helpful tips on how to start a mobile video marketing campaign.


Define your mobile video marketing goals

Before starting any digital marketing campaign, it is essential to define your goals, as they can help guide your tactics and strategies. Mobile video marketing can target a variety of business marketing objectives – from boosting online visibility, building brand identity, engaging with target audiences, and so on. 

Aside from that, identifying your mobile video marketing goals at the start also allows you to gauge your campaign’s performance in the long run. Keeping track of your mobile video marketing campaign’s key performance indicators can help you in making necessary adjustments and changes for more effective and efficient strategies.


Learn how to be an effective storyteller

Storytelling is a critical component of video content. It is one of the factors that make an online video significantly more engaging and entertaining than other types of digital content, such as blog posts and podcasts.

Your storytelling technique can also spell the difference between an effective and successful video and a bad one. In some circumstances, storytelling can play a more important role than the quality of the video itself, as a good story can keep viewers interested, invested, and engaged. Considering this, learn how to be a good storyteller and cater your technique to mobile video viewers.’

Keep in mind that mobile users generally have limited attention spans and are also more prone to distractions. Therefore, it is critical that digital marketers learn how to grab viewers’ attention within the first seconds of the video. Use techniques such as a highly intriguing introduction, a cliff-hanging sneak peek of the end results, or simply a thought-provoking video title. 


Leverage both short and long-form mobile video content

One of the biggest questions in mobile video marketing revolves around the use of either short-form or long-form video content. Many say short-form videos are more effective as they cater to the viewer’s shorter attention span and are much easier to produce. On the other hand, people argue that long-form videos provide more value in terms of the quality of the content.

However, most digital marketers believe that using short-form and long-form videos is ideal for mobile video marketing as it targets different demographics on different platforms. TikTok is suited for short-form or snackable content, while YouTube is designed for longer-form videos. Both social media platforms are extremely popular among mobile users.


Take advantage of social media

The popularity of video content brought a ton of changes in the use of social media platforms. Aside from YouTube and TikTok, even social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have incorporated video content into their platforms in one way or another. Now, social media has become one of the most powerful and effective mobile video marketing tools.

Leverage various social media video features in your campaigns, such as Instagram’s Reels, Facebook’s Stories, and the like. You can also use these platforms’ video ads programs and use paid advertising techniques to increase brand awareness and generate sales. 


Optimize for mobile viewing

Mobile video viewing has its own quirks and nuances that digital marketers need to take into consideration to create a more positive viewing experience. Therefore, it is important for marketers to learn how to optimize their mobile videos.

One way to do this is to produce videos that are suited for vertical viewing. Recent reports show that mobile users are likelier to watch videos designed for mobile viewing. Considering this, digital marketers need to adjust their aspect ratios when creating content for mobile viewers and set their content to a portrait or vertical orientation to fit the screen of most mobile phones.

Another way to optimize your video content for mobile viewers is to optimize them for silent viewers. According to recent studies, a number of mobile users tend to watch videos on their devices without sound. Considering this, adding captions can effectively convey your message to silent viewers despite having the video on mute.



Mobile video marketing can change how online businesses and brands create and use video content. With the multitude of mobile device users worldwide, it is critical that digital marketers leverage and adjust their marketing tactics to fit the needs and preferences of mobile web users.

This includes choosing the right platforms and channels to publish your content on and to optimize your viewers for higher visibility and engagement. Popular social media platforms, such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, are havens for mobile video marketing campaigns. 

However, there is also significantly more competition on these sites. Considering this, mobile video optimization is key to separating your content from others. Include captions, optimize your thumbnails, and write a detailed and engaging video description to entice more people to watch your videos. 


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