Virtual assistants have transformed the digital workforce. While many still think that virtual assistants only work in ecommerce and online sales, highly specialized and trained VAs have proven that they can break into different industries.

The medical and healthcare industries have a growing demand for virtual assistants. As services such as telemedicine and online consultations come to life, so does the need for well-trained and experienced virtual assistants in the medical field.

Medical clinic virtual assistants are those who provide support and other digital services to aid in the operations of healthcare businesses. They have a good understanding of the healthcare industry and are capable of offering help to provide quality patient care. 

To give you a better idea about medical clinic VAs, here is a brief introduction and overview of what it is like to hire one.


Different Types of Medical Virtual Assistants

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In order to better understand what a medical clinic virtual assistant is, here are some of the most common types of med VAs in the industry.


Administrative Medical Virtual Assistants

Virtual medical admin assistants are those responsible for the clerical parts of running a medical clinic. This includes tasks such as scheduling appointments, calendar management, file and database management, supply management, prescription refills, medical billing and coding, human resource management, and so on.

Admin medical virtual assistants handle various time-consuming tasks that help the clinic run smoothly and lighten the medical professionals’ workload. 


Medical Scribes

Medical scribes are virtual assistants trained and experienced in data entry, specifically electronic medical records and electronic health records. Scribes conduct patient charting in real-time while a physician is on call or video conferencing with a patient. 

Having a medical scribe allows medical professionals to focus on patient care instead of being occupied by the need to record and note every important patient information simultaneously. 


Virtual Medical Receptionists

A medical virtual receptionist serves as the digital front desk of your clinic. The VA can answer phone calls, respond to emails, take messages, and the like to provide timely service to patients. The virtual medical receptionist would be the sole responsible for communicating with patients, which can be helpful in creating long-term customer relationships.


Benefits of Hiring A Medical Clinic Virtual Assistant

Adding a virtual medical clinic assistant to your team can benefit your business, patients, and healthcare staff. Here are some of the advantages of hiring med VAs for help and support. 


Cheaper costs

Another benefit of hiring virtual assistants for your medical clinic is that it is more affordable. Medical clinic VAs work remotely. This means you can save space in your clinic and not have to provide a dedicated work area. Instead, the medical virtual assistant is already well-equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for them to comfortably and effectively work from home

Aside from that, hiring VAs is generally cheaper than getting someone to work on-site. According to recent reports, some of the most common places to find and hire VAs are in developing countries such as the Philippines and India. Virtual assistants from these countries have more affordable rates than in-house employees’ salaries.


Increased productivity

One benefit of having a medical clinic virtual assistant by your side is that you can delegate tasks to them. Delegating tasks, especially those that are repetitive and time-consuming, can give your medical professionals and healthcare providers more time to work on tasks directly involved in patient care. 

When virtual assistants take over tasks such as updating patient files and databases or scheduling appointments, medical providers and healthcare professionals have more time to meet and care for their patients.

Not only do medical clinic VAs save time, but their work also increases overall workplace productivity. Clerical tasks in the clinic get done faster, and at the same time, doctors are able to care for more patients effectively and efficiently.


Better patient care and experience

Improving your workplace’s overall productivity typically leads to better services. Having medical clinic virtual assistants work on different aspects of your business can boost its quality and efficiency. 

But aside from taking over the clerical aspect of online medical care, med VAs can also provide services that can improve patient care, experience, and satisfaction. 

Medical virtual assistants can ask for regular patient checkups and updates, remind patients about their medication and recovery requirements, and so on. These can make patients feel cared for even after an appointment and encourage them to stick to their program to get better. 


Tasks Medical Clinic Virtual Assistants Do

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Administrative Tasks

Running a medical business such as a clinic involves much more than just providing healthcare to those in need. There are a lot of back-office tasks that more people do not know about. 

Medical virtual assistants often handle administrative tasks that help the clinic run smoothly. This includes tasks such as coordinating medical supplies, organizing and managing doctor schedules and patient appointments, answering phone calls and inquiries, processing insurance verifications, and the like. 


Scribes and Transcription

Some medical clinics offer online consultations to provide medical care and access to those unable to visit. In situations like this, medical virtual assistants can be assigned to take notes and transcribe the online meeting. While this process is time-consuming, transcribing online consultations is essential to create an accurate medical profile and record for the patients.


Data Entry and Management

A medical clinic’s database is extremely important as it holds all patient records and histories needed to provide appropriate medical care. However, data entry and management is often considered one of the most time-consuming tasks. 

Medical virtual assistants are often asked to conduct patient data entry and manage important files and documents to keep the database organized and up to date. 



Adding medical clinic virtual assistants to your team can significantly improve your business’s performance, productivity, and efficiency. 

Delegating important non-medical tasks to virtual medical assistants allows your healthcare professionals to focus on providing quality patient care. Medical assistants can also help and support the medical staff and personnel through services such as medical scribing and transcription, pre- and post-patient care, and the like. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is virtual medical assistant in demand?

According to recent reports, 60% of business owners plan or have considered hiring a virtual assistant. Considering the high demand for healthcare and the popularity of telemedicine, medical clinic virtual assistants are one of the most sought-after types of VAs in the market. 


What skills do you need as a healthcare virtual assistant?

There are practical skills that virtual assistants should have in order to thrive and succeed in their careers. This includes communication skills, management skills, computer skills, time management skills, and so on. These help them efficiently and effectively work as remote medical virtual assistants. 


However, medical virtual assistants deal with more than just administrative or clerical duties. An important aspect of their position is interacting with patients enthusiastically, seeking professional medical help. 


Taking this into consideration, other skills that a med virtual assistant should have include people skills where they can effectively and emphatically interact and communicate with patients.


How much do medical clinic virtual assistants earn?

Recent reports say that the average rate for healthcare virtual assistants in the US is around $31 per hour. However, virtual assistants from developing countries such as India and the Philippines have a significantly lower rate. 


Data shows that the average hourly rate for medical virtual assistants in India and the Philippines is around $5-$20. The pay generally depends on the medical VA’s skills and experience. 


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