Customer support has long been an integral part of business success. It is one of the primary ways customers and businesses interact with each other. Aside from that, customer support services are a key factor contributing to customer experience and satisfaction.

In the ecommerce industry, customer support services continue to evolve and develop. With the advent of technology and the internet, online businesses are finding new ways to revolutionize customer service, from initial customer contact to post-purchase interactions. However, one of the most notable developments in the ecommerce market is the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. 

Artificial intelligence has long been developed and studied by people in the digital and tech industry. It has been incorporated into a variety of devices, such as smartphones, home appliances, and the like. 

However, developers have found a new way to utilize artificial intelligence, this time in the realms of communication, ecommerce, and customer service. To give you a better idea, here is a comprehensive overview of AI chatbots and ecommerce customer service. 


What Are AI Chatbots?

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Before anything else, let’s define what AI chatbots are. Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are programmable software that is able to understand human conversation input, whether it’s through text or audio. Some of the most popular AI chatbots are found in smartphones, such as Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

They are “trained” to interpret human input and provide the appropriate response using a process referred to as natural language processing (NLP). In simpler terms, AI chatbots is a software that is capable of understanding and interpreting instructions outside of pre-programmed demands, and they respond using pre-existing and gathered data. 


Key AI Chatbot Features

The use of AI chatbots outside of personal support services is driven by its expansive list of features and capabilities. Here are some of the notable attributes of AI chatbots and how it aids ecommerce customer support.


Natural Language Processing 

AI’s natural language processing and understanding is one of its most powerful features, as it allows the program to comprehend human language and input. With this, it can interpret and make appropriate conversations and suitable actions depending on the command. In some cases, AI chatbots are even able to understand conversational tones and intuitively adapt their communication style to fit.


Instant Response and Round-the-clock Availability

In the realm of ecommerce and customer support, 24/7 service is a key feature that every online business wants to achieve. While ecommerce websites are accessible any time of the day, the same thing cannot be said when it comes to customer support services that actual customer support representatives run.

With AI chatbots, ecommerce businesses can enjoy round-the-clock support. They can confidently address customer inquiries and concerns that were included in the chatbot’s pre-programmed interactions and responses. 

AI chatbots can serve as preliminary customer support service for concerns that an actual agent or representative doesn’t necessarily need to address. 

For example, questions about product features, shipping options, or payment methods can all be answered through the chatbot’s pre-programmed responses. Ideally, only more specific or technical concerns would be passed on to and processed by a customer support representative.


Multilingual Support and Cultural Adaptability

Ecommerce is a global industry. Considering this, it is possible for online stores to come in contact with customers outside their region.

One unique feature of AI chatbots is their multilingual support and cultural adaptability, which can automatically adjust their responses depending on the language input as well as recognize cultural differences and nuances. This feature helps ensure that customers from across the globe receive the same level and quality of customer support regardless of location.


Reasons To Use Chatbots For Customer Support

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To give you a better understanding of what AI chatbots can do for ecommerce businesses, here are some of the benefits of using automated chat services for customer support. 


Boost Efficiency

Productivity and efficiency are primary concerns in starting a business. Considering this, having an AI chatbot handle customer support services is one of the most effective and efficient ways to increase efficiency. 

AI chatbots automate customer service responses which helps in optimizing each interaction. With the use of AI chat, customers can enjoy near-instant response times for small concerns and inquiries.


Higher Volumee Customer Support 

Another benefit of using AI chatbots to provide customer support is that the software can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously. Compared to traditional support services run by a customer representative, they can only take on one customer at a time. The more complex the concern is, the longer it would take for the agent to process and finish one interaction.

On the other hand, AI chatbots can handle numerous inquiries at the same time. This is especially important in high-volume periods, such as when there’s a seasonal or time-sensitive sale or a product is newly launched. At times when there is a sudden influx of customer inquiries, the AI chatbots can easily tend to their concerns as long as responses are programmed to the software accordingly. 


Consistent Details and Information

One of the biggest challenges in traditional customer support services run by agents or representatives is the possibility of giving customers confusing or inaccurate information.

Let’s say, for example, a customer has called in for clarification. They received instructions from one customer representative but had to call in again for more details or information. However, they talk to a different agent, and they offer a completely different set of instructions. This circumstance can confuse customers and even lead to bad experiences. 

With AI chatbots, online businesses don’t have to worry about providing customers with inconsistent or dated information. As long as the AI is regularly updated and programmed, it can completely rid of the risks of human error and ensures recent and reliable information.



Many business owners put prime on strategies that allow them to lower their business costs and save some money. Luckily, using AI chatbots for customer service is one way to do this.

There are numerous AI chat software and programs online that business owners can choose from. However, pricing depends highly on the AI’s features, customization options, and support capabilties included with each subscription plan or tier. It also considers the number of users included in the plan. Generally, AI chatbot subscriptions cost somewhere around $20 to $120 per month. 

Despite this, paying for monthly AI chat services can still be cheaper than hiring an in-house employee or a remote customer representative. For comparison, the average hourly rate for VAs who perform customer support services ranges from $5 to $10, which can ultimately cost around $200 to $400 per month. 


Challenges Of Using Chatbots for Ecommerce Customer Support

While using AI chatbots for customer service can be extremely beneficial for ecommerce businesses, this practice also comes with some risks, challenges, and drawbacks that business owners need to be aware of.


Risks On Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

One of the most important factors to consider when transacting online in any shape or form is the dangers of cyber attacks such as fraud. In some instances, AI chatbots may require and handle sensitive customer information that can cause some concern for some users. 

Considering this, it is essential for ecommerce businesses or anyone in online retail to invest in their online security system to ensure the safety of their business and customer. 


Lack of Emotional Connection

In some cases, an instant AI response is not what customers are looking for. When dealing with sensitive, complex, or emotionally charged interactions, having an AI chatbot at the forefront of your customer support services may not be the best idea. 

To deal with this, it is important to have several ways for customers to contact customer services. Have a line ready to take in calls or a business email to tend to customer concerns with more empathy and understanding than an AI chatbot can give. 


Probability of Misunderstandings and Misinterpretations

Another challenge in using AI chatbots is the risk of misunderstanding or misinterpreting customer inquiries or concerns. While AI chatbots are programmed to understand human language, it may still struggle to comprehend extremely complex inputs, leading to incorrect responses or no response at all. 



Electronic commerce is extremely competitive. With million other online businesses to compete with, it is important for online entrepreneurs to find ways on how to edge out their competitors. Aside from providing high-quality digital products, goods, and services, ensuring good customer experiences is one way to do this.

A critical part of good customer experiences revolves around customer service. Good and consistent customer service leads to satisfaction and possibly loyalty. Considering this, leveraging technology through AI chatbots can surely boost your customer support services and ensure good experience all throughout. 


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