Have you ever tried shopping online on platforms like Shopify and Amazon? One of the biggest challenges of online retail is that customers don’t get to see the products in person. They don’t get to touch, test, or even fit it before committing to purchase it. 

Under these circumstances, online shoppers learned to use customer reviews as a guide and basis. They go through numerous customer reviews, feedback, and testimonials to see if the product they are looking at works as advertised. At this point, customers prioritize customer reviews over branded marketing campaigns and strategies.

But what are the other benefits of customer reviews and testimonials for ecommerce businesses? To give you a better idea, here is a list of the benefits of customer reviews and some tips on encouraging customers to offer their feedback. 


Types of Customer Feedback

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Before we jump into the significance of customer reviews in ecommerce, let’s first look into the four more common types of customer feedback.


Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and product ratings are two of the most common types of feedback because they are typically the easiest ones to leave on a website. Customers can write a short review about their experience or give a star rating on how they rank a product or service.

However, the benefit of this type of feedback is that customers have the freedom to say whatever they want. They can write as vague or detailed as they like and include supporting images to explain their point further. 


Customer Suggestions

Customer suggestions are a reliable source of information that brands can use to learn about their current market’s demands and preferences. They can ask for customer suggestions through surveys and learn what customers think about their products and how to improve them.


Video Testimonials

This type of customer feedback is not as common but is typically used as a marketing tool. Video testimonials are great for delivering a message and demonstrating how your products help solve a customer’s pain point.


Why Are Customer Insights So Important?

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Use as social proof

One of the biggest struggles of ecommerce and online shopping is that customers can’t personally inspect the product themselves. Ecommerce doesn’t offer customers the luxury of fitting clothes or testing items before purchasing them. So, this is where customer reviews come into action.

Customer reviews of products or services are social proof of how a product or service works in action. They are a reliable source of information on how good (or bad) a specific product or service is depending on specific circumstances.

For example, a customer reviews a pair of pants they bought. They mention that the size medium fits well for them, standing at 5’6’’ in height. From this statement, potential customers can make the necessary adjustments to their orders.

Considering this, businesses can use customer reviews as a tool for potential customers to make informed buying decisions. Many even consider customer reviews as valuable as personal recommendations from family and friends.


Build trust and credibility

Aside from becoming a customer’s point of reference, reviews can also help in building a brand’s credibility. When your product or service consistently receives high ratings and positive reviews, potential customers see this as proof that your brand can be trusted. 

However, having negative reviews can also help in building trust with your customers. All you have to do is acknowledge their concerns and show that you are actively working on improving your product and service. Doing this even increases the odds of having long-term and loyal customers because they know that you care about their experience. 

Positive reviews make your brand stand out. However, having a healthy mix of good and bad reviews makes your business more credible and authentic.


Drive sales and boost revenue

In relation to having consistently high rating reviews, another advantage of customer reviews is that they can encourage sales and increase revenue. When people are shopping online, they pay close attention to the product rating and what people have to say about the product or service. 

Businesses can also leverage customer reviews as a marketing tool to entice people to check out their products. Drawing feedback from customers from various backgrounds and situations piques the interest and attention of people coming from similar circumstances. 


Offers insight into customer experiences

Customer reviews and feedback are some of the most effective ways to learn and understand your market. Knowing what your customers want, need, and prefer is critical in running a successful business.

Going over customer feedback and reviews allows you to learn more about your current buyers and understand how they perceive your brand. You can also know what else they are looking for in future products and pinpoint areas of improvement. 

You can also draw insight into other aspects of your business, such as your customer service, pricing tactics, and even your marketing strategies. Drawing from what your customers say helps ensure that you direct your business to what your consumers want.


Attracts more reviews

Aside from bringing in customers and driving up sales, customer reviews also encourage other people to leave their reviews. Simply put, customers are more likely to leave a review on a brand with a considerable amount of existing reviews than those with just a handful because they can see the value of sharing their opinions and experiences. 


Ways To Encourage Customers To Give Testimonials

Given the importance of customer testimonials and reviews in ecommerce, businesses must push customers to give one regardless of their experience. With that, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to increase your online reviews.


Make it easy

If leaving a review is tedious, then customers are less likely to offer their testimonials and feedback. Considering that you want your customers to leave a review, you must make it easy for them.

To do this, make your review process simple and easily accessible. You can place a review submission form at different stages and places on your ecommerce website. You can have one at the bottom of your product list or after completing a purchase. You can also request customer feedback in your email marketing campaigns to ask about their experience. 


Incentivize leaving customer reviews

Another way to encourage customers to leave a review is to offer them something in return. Customers love receiving perks such as discounts or free shipping vouchers. Thus, enticing them with promos like this can increase their likelihood of leaving a review.

This technique is best suited for after-purchase feedback. After a couple of days or weeks of a complete transaction, email customers asking for a product review in exchange for an incentive. You can offer them an exclusive discount code for their next purchase or even points for a customer loyalty program.


Respond to customer feedback

Did you know that responding to customer reviews helps boost your SEO performance? Not only that but engaging in feedback also aids in building valuable customer relationships. Customers love to feel like they are heard, and responding to what they have to say, whether good or bad, is one way to do this. 

Customers can leave their feedback not only on your ecommerce website but also on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and the like. Considering this, actively interact with your customers on various online platforms and promptly respond to their inquiries, reviews, or concerns. This will show other customers that you are listening and working on improving your services. 

The more people see how present you are, the more likely they are to leave their own feedback and review, knowing that you are there to acknowledge their concerns. 



Leveraging customer testimonials can be a powerful marketing strategy for ecommerce businesses. When used correctly, it can bring in more customers, drive up sales, and encourage more customers to leave their own reviews. Not only that, but it can also build credibility and establish trust and loyalty with long-term customers.



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