The digital marketing industry is fast changing. Online businesses are trying their best to keep up with the latest marketing trends that can help them boost their presence and promote their brand. Aside from social media posts, video marketing is slowly becoming one of the most effective marketing tools on the internet.

A famous saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words”. The concept behind creating video content works the same way. Although it is possible to draw an audience through blogs and posts, videos are more attractive to a larger audience.


Why is Video Marketing Important?

A well-executed video marketing campaign can garner millions of views and significantly gain online businesses traction across different platforms. Recent research has shown how businesses utilize video marketing for the past few years.

According to the Video Marketing Statistics 2021, a whopping 86% of online businesses use video as a primary marketing tool. Many believe that video posts provide clear success metrics through their level of engagement. It is easy to see which post had the most views, shares, comments, and likes. It also showed that businesses note that video marketing campaigns help gain traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. 


Types of Video Marketing Content

To get a deeper understanding of video marketing, it is important to know the different types of video content popular nowadays. Online businesses have the creative freedom to make a wide range of video posts. However, the most common video marketing content includes the following:

  • Educational Videos – includes tutorial videos, explainer videos, and industry updates. It aims to provide viewers with new information. The goal is to establish the brand as an expert in order to create a sense of reliability and trust within the target audience.
  • Product Videos – product videos can either be a product demonstration or a product launch. This aims to provide the audience with a glimpse of the product, how it works, and its best features. It also entices people to know more about the features product.
  • Testimonial Videos – this type of video marketing content aims to establish the brand image through customer and employee testimonials. 
  • Company Culture Videos – company culture aims to show the people the unique qualities of a company. The primary goal of this type of content is to create a relationship with the audience through shared values, character, and personality.

Video Marketing Trends To Look Out For

As video marketing campaigns continue to grow, businesses should know more about the current trends as well as their future. Much like any other marketing strategy, the most effective and popular video marketing tactic may no longer work in the next couple of months or years.

Taking this into consideration, here are some of the video marketing trends that business owners and virtual assistants need to look out for in 2022:


The Balance Between Quality and Quantity

Presence is key when it comes to virtual marketing. Businesses can achieve this both through quality and quantity. Posting quality content but at long intervals can make your online presence pass before drawing enough attention. At the same time, focusing on quantity alone would most likely not retain a good amount of audience. It is crucial to find the perfect balance between quality and quantity that would keep your audience engaged but not saturated. 


Utilizing SEO in Videos

Although the concept of SEO is not new to video and content creation, it is only recently that SEO-optimized video marketing campaigns took flight. SEO is a form of analytical and technical marketing effort with the primary goal of ranking high in Google search results. It is commonly used in written content such as blogs, posts, and articles. Taking the same approach in video marketing provides the opportunity for a calculated video designed to pop up on Google. It’s like the hidden formula in making a video go viral. 


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