Video has proven itself as a great medium for storytelling. Brands and companies can attest to the success videos have brought to their marketing campaign.

For the past decade, video marketing has proven how it’s an effective way to connect with people. Videos have closed the gap between businesses and their target audience.

However, as simple as it may look to just add video content to your marketing campaign, finding viewers and promoting your content is key to your campaign’s success. Make sure to engage the right kind of audience. Here are some tips on creating a great video content strategy.


1. Have a good Video SEO Strategy

A good number of businesses and brands rely on SEO to be recognized by their potential audience. Luckily, SEO plays an important role not only in blogs and websites but in videos as well. In fact, Youtube has become the second largest search engine online.

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Titles are one of the best ways to catch people’s attention. You can improve your video’s searchability by making informative but short titles with the proper keywords in tow. Remember, the first thing your potential audience sees on Youtube is the title with 60 characters or less. There are tools you can use to help you find relevant keywords such as the SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool, or the Youtube keyword tool.
You may also add keywords to your description and include links to your website. Make the description succinct yet informative as much as you can.
Make sure to build your links that will lead to your video with important keywords.
What attracts most people to watch a video is the thumbnail, so make sure that yours is high quality, engaging, and matches up with your brand.
Last but not the least, because people watch videos more on their mobile phones, make sure to Optimize your video for mobile.


2. Provide Clear Information about your Video

a youtube video description
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For your video to get more views, it’s important to let your potential viewers know what your video is about. When people look for videos to watch, the first thing they look at are the titles and the short description. Making an accurate and informative synopsis would usually boost engagement, especially when you highlight the benefits of watching your video.
Transcribing your videos can also give your viewers the content in text format so they can skim through it first, then watch when their interest is piqued. This helps search engines crawl your video content as well.


3. Build Customer Trust through Social Proof

Using social proof is a good way to build trust and credibility between you and your audience. 50% of customers find customer reviews helpful. Likes, comments, votes, and views are also effective ways to showcase how informative and valuable your video content is.

This Heinz Ad with Ed Sheeran is a good example of social proof done well in ads.


4. Optimize Video for Conversions

When you’ve done the work and got the audience to watch your video, it’s time to leverage the views and focus on conversions. This involves optimizing your content correctly.

Marketing campaigns and marketers always talk about having a clear call to action. According to The Balance, a call to action is a statement designed to get an immediate response from the person reading or hearing it. You can add a direct message from the video’s speakers, add a link at the end of the video leading to your landing page, add share buttons, and many more.
In creating video content, you don’t have to stick to just one type of video. Make your content engaging, entertaining, and interactive. Creativity trumps over formula when it comes to video marketing.


5. Maximize your Video’s Impact and Reach

No video marketing campaign is successful and fulfilling without considering the impact.

Engage with your viewers by asking their opinions. Make sure to respond to their comments in the video. The audience appreciates being acknowledged through replies, knowing that their opinions are heard.

Don’t be afraid to invest in promotions. Social media platforms nowadays like Youtube and Facebook have really good advertising tools to help you reach your audience. You don’t need a huge budget to get exposure, or to grow your audience. Knowing your target market or audience, creating a great introduction, and customizing your parameters would be enough.

Creating video content could just be a part of your marketing campaign. It’s just another format to present the same information you have in blog posts, podcasts, webpages, and all your other content. Make creative and informative videos that are on par with the rest of your marketing content!

After publishing your videos and putting out necessary promotions in tow, don’t forget to run analytics so you know what to improve in your campaign. You can use Youtube and Google Analytics to keep track of video performance and see the stats of your videos. You can use these tools to gauge your video’s reach, views, or traffic. You can also see your video’s rankings through the SE Ranking Position tracking tool.

Don’t be discouraged when your first few videos don’t make it to high rankings. It takes a lot of time and effort to create high-performing videos. If you have the right marketing and content plan, a hint of creativity as you make insightful and informative videos, you may be on your way to greatness!

These are just a few reasons to include video content in your marketing strategy, and there are a lot more. If you’re ready to level up your marketing strategy and incorporate effective video content, but want some assistance for it, check out Sidekicks. Sidekicks is an on-demand virtual company and we’re eager to help visionaries and entrepreneurs like you. Click here for your free 30-minute consultation.