Virtual Assistants and freelancers alike don’t have it easy even though they seem to have it all figured out. Managing your own work schedule, being your own boss, and handling as many clients you want all sound great and cool until you realize the many stresses that go with the job. Not only do you need to juggle several clients at a time, hectic and odd work hours, and attempt to achieve a work-life balance, but you also need to stay updated on what’s trending in the industry to stay relevant.

But with a busy work schedule, how can you keep improving your skills and stay indispensable as a virtual assistant or freelancer? True, there are loads of free courses out there, but most days, it’s hard to keep up with them unless you really designate a time in your already busy week. 

scrabble tiles saying listen to a podcast
Photo by Anna Tarazevich

This is where podcasts shine. They help you remain in the loop with the latest tools and trends in the gig economy without taking up your time. You can listen to these podcasts while working or while doing chores without taking up your time. 

With podcasts growing by the thousands, and with millions of listeners tuning in, you’re sure to find a podcast or two that discusses the niche you’d like to learn about. Experts in every field have realized the value of podcasting that those you look up to and want to connect with would have their own podcast.


If you’re a new virtual assistant looking to start somewhere, here are some of the best podcasts for you.


Inspiring Podcasts for Virtual Assistants

Help Me Work Online, Esther!

woman holding a laptop which says help me work online esther
Help Me Work Online, Esther! From Virtual Assistant Internship

Esther Inman is a former teacher and product manager for a software company before she started her VA business. Her podcast, Help Me Work Online, Esther, helps women reach their freelancing dreams, to work anywhere, and any time they want. They interview different kinds of experts and people who share their experiences and knowledge as virtual assistants and freelancers, so you’re sure to get nuggets of information, especially if you’re still a budding virtual assistant.


Creative Class Podcast

Spotify banner of Creative Class by Kaleigh Moore and Paul Jarvis
Creative Class hosted by Kaleigh Moore & Paul Jarvis on Spotify

If you’re a virtual assistant whose forte is writing, this podcast by author Paul Jarvis and freelance writer Kaleigh Moore could be great for you. Both hosts are successful entrepreneurs who offer great advice for writers and freelancers alike, and they invite guests for an outside perspective in the business.


Online Marketing Made Easy 

online marketing made easy with amy porterfield
Photo from Apple Podcast

Amy Porterfield used to be a “yes girl” who worked to the bone for someone else to achieve their dreams. She is now an online marketing expert and founder of a multi-million dollar digital course business. In her podcast, she offers a lot of value for aspiring virtual assistants and freelancers looking to free themselves from the tethers of corporate and nine to five jobs. Her podcast episodes are full of valuable information about marketing, but are very easy to digest.


Freelance Jumpstart Podcast

a preview of Nathan Allotey's website
Photo from Nathan Allotey’s Website

Hosted by Nathan Allotey, a web designer and marketing strategist, his passion to share his knowledge to budding virtual assistants and freelancers led him to start his podcast, Freelance Jumpstart TV. His podcast offers great content that shares tips, advice, and training on how to get into freelancing and be good at it.


Virtual Assistant Tips, Tricks + Advice Podcast

Banner of a podcast for virtual assistants
Podcast episodes available on Spotify and other streaming platforms

Hosted by the Techie Mentor, Susan Mershon, this podcast gives free advice and offers actionable steps that help virtual assistants succeed in their field. The host prides herself as an advocate for virtual assistants, and in her podcast, she happily shares everything a virtual assistant could need not only to survive in the industry but to thrive. Episodes are available weekly on major platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, and many more.


Besides the podcasts listed above, you’re sure to find something that matches what you need if you look hard enough. Most platforms like Spotify, Anchor, and Apple Podcast, make good podcast suggestions based on your preference and what podcasts you already listen to.

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