For small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and creatives— any of us trying to reach our dreams and materialize our vision, it’s a harrowing feat to actually be able to get everything done in a day.

What people don’t see behind a successful entrepreneur is the time and effort put into their vision, and for some still, the virtual assistants who work with them to keep their business growing and thriving. There’s a lot that goes into a business besides creating products and services and merely launching them.

Virtual assistants are available all over the world, but as a thorough entrepreneur in need of assistance who wants their business to grow, it’s not an option to settle for less— it’s essential that you hire someone who’s not only the best at what they do but someone you align with.


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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

“Why hire a virtual assistant,” you ask?

A business is composed of many sides, and as a person made up of just a pair of limbs, a set of eyes, and one brain, there are parts of your business that you will overlook eventually. Sometimes, we also have to admit that some sides of a project need a different kind of skill set which you might not have.

It’s just more sensible to delegate tasks to somebody who may be a better fit for certain jobs in your company, than you trying to juggle everything and spreading yourself too thin.

What to Look for in a Virtual Assistant


Having to sort emails, research, and going through your calendar all on your own can feel overwhelming while also trying to be creative. Delegating tasks that require attention to detail definitely helps to free up time and space so you can do more mentally-demanding work.

A way to test a potential virtual assistant is to give applicants an assignment that’s aimed to test their attention to detail. Something that might involve following a very specific set of instructions, or something they will have to look for an error for.

These are simple tests that may pay off once you find the right virtual assistant for you, the moment you know they won’t let anything slip through the cracks.

Creativity and Resourcefulness

The ball is always rolling in business, and it helps to have someone who can offer solutions and fixes on the fly when hiccups and something unexpected comes your way. Creativity in a virtual assistant doesn’t only equate to making content— creativity in a virtual assistant is also the way they can come up with solutions, or the way they can handle unexpected situations.

In the interview process, make sure to ask a potential virtual assistant how they’ve handled challenging situations before, the steps they had to take to deal with them.


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It takes a lot of time for a person to understand your rhythms and anticipate your needs, so it only makes sense to look for a virtual assistant who is committed and dedicated.

One way to assess dedication and commitment is by asking a candidate about their education and employment history. Another question could be what their future plans are and what they want in their career, and if it aligns with how you can support them.

Establishing a good relationship with your virtual assistant is a two-way street, so make sure to treat them well once you find a good fit.


A virtual assistant not only helps with managing the nitty-gritty of your business, they also represent you. Not only do they have to have clear comms with you, they also communicate with your potential clients, colleagues. Their overall performance reflects well on your operation.

During your interview, make sure that the whole hiring process exudes professionalism as they communicate professionally as well. Check for language proficiency and grammar. A quick Google search for client reviews may help with finding potential red flags, or commendations about their professionalism.


As an entrepreneur and business owner, trusting someone else to handle things to the same standard and care can seem scary. Your business is your dream, and you’ve created it, so it’s normal to want someone reliable to help you manage your business.

If they’ve already proven to be professional and dedicated, reliability should be easy to pinpoint as well. You can contract employees on probation for a certain amount of time to see if they’re truly a good fit, and are reliable enough for you to hire long-term.



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Hiring a Virtual Assistant

In hiring a virtual assistant, it helps to have a hiring process in place.

Remember that you’re practically assigning a custodian for your business, and if you want it to grow and be in the hands of competent and mindful people, you will want to make sure to take all the steps needed to find the best fit for you.

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