Digital marketing has been a vital element of any online or ecommerce business. This form of marketing refers to the use of various online platforms and digital channels to promote or advertise digital goods, products, or services for sale. It involves many marketing tactics and strategies that allow digital marketers to achieve their goals and objectives. 

However, the digital world is a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Some marketing strategies have proven the test of time, while others seem like simple trends that come and go. To help you with this, let’s take a closer look at different marketing strategies. These have been proven effective and are particularly popular among ecommerce businesses.


5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Online Businesses

Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is considered one of online businesses’ most essential and vital marketing strategies. SEO is the process of optimizing your ecommerce website and its content to boost its ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine optimization is an organic marketing strategy that allows digital marketers to drive traffic to your website by achieving higher visibility on SERPs. 

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo utilize an analytics system that ranks websites and web content based on their quality, value, and relevance to user input. The higher the website’s ranking, the more likely they appear on top of search results pages. 

Various tactics are used to optimize a website and its content for search engines. This includes creating high-quality content, adding primary and relevant keywords based on user needs, and including meta information. 

But aside from driving organic traffic, SEO has been proven to have high conversion rates. Well-optimized content can also increase brand awareness and boost online visibility. Adding more to that, search engine optimization offers a long-term, cost-effective strategy with the minimal investment needed.


Email Marketing

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While some may consider email marketing old school, this strategy has proven to offer one of the highest returns on investment (ROIs) for digital marketers and online businesses. Email marketing uses a more personalized approach and is primarily used to build customer relationships, strengthen brand loyalty, as well as generate and convert leads.

Some materials typically used in email marketing revolve around promoting products, providing exclusive deals, reminding about upcoming sales, or simply communicating general information or message from the brand or business. Studies have shown that email marketing receives high click-through and conversion rates, given that they are received directly on a user’s email account. 

Aside from improving sales performance, email marketing also effectively drives website traffic. It is also favored in delivering targeted messages, as a business’s email list primarily consists of users who signed up and want to hear more from the brand. 


Content Marketing 

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Providing content over the internet is one of the most effective ways for ecommerce businesses to increase their value online. Using content as a marketing tool is focused on answering questions, providing solutions, educating customers, and even entertaining audiences. 

Content marketing aims to establish the brand as a reliable source of valuable information. Through content marketing, businesses can boost the public’s brand awareness, encourage brand loyalty, reach a target audience, and generate and nurture qualified leads. 

Digital marketers use a variety of content in this marketing strategy. The most common include blog posts, infographics, white papers, eBooks, and case studies. However, emerging content and media types, such as videos and podcasts, have become increasingly popular. 


Social Media Marketing

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Social media has been greatly integrated into our day-to-day lives. Recent studies show more than 4.62 billion social media users worldwide across different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Furthermore, the average time spent on these platforms ranges between 2 and 2 ½ hours per day.

Given its popularity, social media marketing has grown into one of the most accessible and cost-effective marketing strategies for new and small businesses online. Social media marketing is particularly effective in promoting or advertising digital products, goods, and services to different audiences considering its large user base and diverse demographic. 

Aside from that, using social media for marketing provides an easy and convenient avenue for brands and potential customers to communicate, interact, and engage with each other. This further allows online stores to build their brand name and boost awareness and visibility of their online retail store. 

Even better, providing customer service and support can influence brand reach and increase sales. According to recent reports, 71% of social media users say they are more likely to recommend a brand with which they have a positive online experience. Thus, building and maintaining a good online presence and relationship on various social media platforms can greatly benefit your business. 


Video Marketing

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The use of video content in marketing has been one of the newest and hottest strategies over the past few years. With the popularity of video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, more and more web users are consuming video content regularly. According to recent reports, videos are the most popular type of web content, surpassing blogs and infographics. 

Video content has become an effective marketing tool to promote and advertise products, services, and brands. Since videos are highly engaging visual content, they allow digital marketers to provide a more enticing and interactive experience. 

Online businesses create video product demos, visual guides, valuable interviews, and the like to engage their audience better and deliver their message effectively. 

Aside from boosting online engagement, videos can also improve an ecommerce website’s SEO performance. Reports show that websites that utilize videos on their site, content, and landing pages tend to rank 53 times higher on search engine results pages. Aside from that, video content can also improve conversion rates significantly by up to 34%. 


Up and Coming Digital Marketing Strategies

Aside from the proven and tested digital marketing strategies, let’s also glimpse at some promising marketing tactics used in the industry nowadays. 


Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is a new marketing strategy primarily designed to reach new audiences and establish solid community bases. It also boosts brand awareness, encourages brand loyalty, and increases conversion rates and sales. 

Podcasts are audio-only media consumed mostly by people between the ages of 25 to 44 years old. Considering this, this marketing strategy targets a demographic outside popular social media platforms with a relatively younger user base.


Live Chat Marketing

Another upcoming marketing strategy revolves around interacting with and engaging customers using real-time messaging software. Live chat marketing utilizes AI chatbots, live chat, and other messaging channels and platforms to communicate with potential customers whenever they interact with an ecommerce website or business social media profile. 

It is primarily used to cater to customer inquiries to provide immediate feedback. Aside from that, live chats can also be programmed to deliver personalized messages. It can send out marketing materials such as product promotions, sale updates, discount offers, and brand recommendations. 


Voice SEO

Voice search has been an increasingly popular and in-demand tech feature. With the development of voice assistants and Smart devices, web queries using voice search have increased significantly over the past few years. 

Recent reports show that 27% of the world’s population uses voice assistants to conduct web searches on their mobile devices. Voice search has become the second most popular channel for mobile searches.

Considering this development, digital marketers are looking into optimizing their content to suit web searches conducted through voice search. Voice SEO is the process of optimizing content by including keywords and keyword phrases

However, the key element of voice SEO is to have more conversational terms and phrases as part of the optimization process. This allows search engines to recognize and enhance their optimization efforts for voice-assisted search queries. 



Digital marketing is an essential part of starting a business online. It is where business owners find potential customers and advertise and promote their products or services for purchase. 

Therefore, entrepreneurs and digital marketers need to learn about the most effective marketing strategies utilized in the industry today. Aside from that, knowing about possible trends and potential strategies can significantly boost the performance of any online business. 


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