Business owners and solo entrepreneurs alike have been seeing the benefits of outsourcing. Virtual assistants help these businesses work efficiently and effectively.

The smartest thing an entrepreneur can do these days is to digitize their business. Countless SMEs and startups attest to the wonders of outsourcing and how it’s helped them cut costs, especially in these trying times.

Like any other form of digital marketing, reaping the fruits of social media requires structuring ideas and data into working strategies paired with dedicated time. Hiring a virtual assistant whose expertise is in social media marketing not only helps free up your time, but can also help you expand your brand and social media effectiveness by a lot.

Outsourcing Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

If you’re still questioning whether outsourcing some tasks to a virtual assistant will be good for your business, here is a list of more tasks a social media expert can assist you with:


1. Write copy for social media posts and ads

An eye-catching photo is nothing without a great copy to complement it. The right choice of words to go with your products can help get your sales up in no time, which is why companies and businesses dedicate time and research to create persuasive copy for their content and ads.

Not only are virtual assistants known for their administrative skills, but there are also virtual assistants with great copywriting skills that can definitely boost social media engagement in your platforms, especially if this is a skill you don’t have.


2. Find images or edit graphics for your content

It’s important to make an impression on social media so that your target audience can remember your brand better. Associating quality photos with the content you share will help you retain the attention and engagement in your social media that you wish to see.

Hiring a virtual assistant who can do graphics tasks for you means you have a flow that creates the perfect visual for your content. Picking photos for your social media takes a lot of time, and a virtual assistant can save you the time and energy scouring various stock photo websites, editing raw photos.


3. Manage your blog posts

Versatility trumps the market in the digital world. Most virtual assistants may already have a copywriting background, so hiring one is not only cost-effective, it’s a surefire way to target your audience with the help from their skills.

word press themes
Image by WordPress

Social Media virtual assistants with the gift of writing who already know your brand and your product also allow them to create blog posts easily. Anyone with a background in content management platforms like WordPress will be a huge plus because they can handle scheduling your blog posts.


4. Monitor conversations and engagement about your brand

Understanding your audience better on social media requires keeping track of the conversations happening on your platform. Keeping up with mentions or conversations involving your brand helps improve content for your audience and shape your social media strategy. 

Your social media virtual assistant can follow trends, keep your brand relevant by keeping track of conversations and analyzing them with the help of tools such as Buzzsumo and Hootsuite’s social mention feature.

Image by Hootsuite


5. Check and reply to comments and inquiries

Engagement keeps your audience interest in your brand. The best way to retain your audience’s attention is by keeping the conversations alive in the comments section or through direct messages. People appreciate it when they know a human is running the page.

Hire a virtual assistant to monitor and reply to comments and messages for you. They can engage with your online audience according to the guidelines you set on how to respond to messages and comments while maintaining your brand personality.


6. Setup email campaigns

Email marketing can help increase customer retention and build loyalty from your followers. A lot of social media platforms luckily allow businesses to connect email campaigns to their advertising options in the platform of their choice. 

A social media virtual assistant who is knowledgeable in email marketing and platforms like Mailchimp can make use of this tool to its highest potential and can empower your marketing strategies better.



Outsourcing your tasks to a social media virtual assistant today might be the best thing you can do for your business. Expanding your brand through social media strategies can definitely help boost sales and widen your reach. If you want to know more, Sidekicks is an on-demand virtual company and we’re eager to help visionaries and entrepreneurs like you. Click here for your free 30-minute consultation.