Remote workers are becoming in demand, with the pandemic changing the way we live— hiring digitally and hiring virtual assistants is becoming the norm. In the past decade, we’ve seen a boom in outsourcing employees and freelancers.


One of the biggest sources of remote workers and virtual assistants, the Philippines’ outsourcing industry has been growing as much as the outsourcing market, growing by 46% since 2006 and is expected to grow by 20% more by the end of 2020. As the world shifts its approach to hiring, the bigger the outsourcing industry in the Philippines grows. 
It may be common knowledge that a lot of businesses hire virtual assistants from the Philippines, but what makes them special? What makes the Philippines a source of talent for a virtual assistant?

There are numerous reasons why outsourcing and hiring remotely are advantageous for your business, but hiring Filipino VAs might give you the most value. For starters, hiring a virtual assistant encourages a better work-life balance, according to Time Doctor, a company that developed an efficient time-tracking software for remote teams.


Filipinos are Fluent English Speakers

In any kind of transaction, communication is important, especially between employer and employee. English is the primary medium of instruction in the Philippines and is considered a secondary language. As an entrepreneur looking to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines, you’re sure to find it easy to give instructions and work with a Filipino virtual assistant.


Filipinos Have a High Literacy Rate

At 96.2%, the Philippines has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. Making sure that the virtual assistant that you’re going to work with is important, so somebody who has the basic skills of reading and writing puts that out of the way.


Filipinos are Hard-Workers

In the Philippines, people value hard work and understand that prosperity comes from doing a good job. They are known to devote time to do well at work and earn money— they’re not new to overtime work and their hard work is well-known in any industry where you can find Filipino workers.


Filipinos are Culturally Adaptable

Virtual assistants from the Philippines are some of the most flexible and adaptable workers in the world. Living in an island country and having dealt with colonizers and foreign merchants for hundreds of years, it’s innate for Filipino virtual assistants to adapt to the cultures they’re working into.

Lower Labor Costs

A lot of small business owners, companies, entrepreneurs, and startup businesses work with Filipino virtual assistants because labor costs are significantly lower. In the Philippines, you can get a good virtual assistant for $350$-600$ a month instead of 2000$ a month for an assistant from the US. Many employers also get to save from paying too much on employee taxes and office costs.


Where to Find Filipino Virtual Assistants

If all the reasons stated above have got you interested, you might find yourself asking, “where can I find Filipino virtual assistants?” In their blog, Time Doctor mentions websites and agencies that you can find together with other tips on salaries, money transfer, and assessing potential candidates.


Sure, there are virtual assistants all around the world with varying skills and strengths, but the fact that Filipino virtual assistants remain one of the most sought-after virtual assistants in the outsourcing industry is proof of their knack for providing quality output.

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