Entrepreneurs diving into eCommerce or Amazon Selling have to make it a point to research what they’re getting into. One of the things you learn right away is that there’s so much to do that you should outsource instead.

Depending on your business goals, you can outsource as many tasks as needed, given that you consider your strengths, weaknesses, budget, and available time.


Which Amazon Selling Tasks Should I Outsource?

Here are some important tasks that you might want to outsource to a virtual assistant:


Product Sourcing

Amazon Product Sourcing is a task that requires a lot of time. The process involves research on different niches, the market, finding a product, suppliers, and dealing with quotes and samples. If doing these tasks is something you’re not familiar with, hiring a freelancer with expertise in Product Sourcing definitely a wise decision.

what a virtual assistant does for an amazon seller
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In finding and hiring a sourcing expert, make sure that they align with your goals, and also have the skill to negotiate and connect with suppliers. Involve yourself in the sourcing process so you can understand the different stages of the process. At least, in case you really need to take over the tasks, you know what to do.



Copywriting for your Amazon products is not the same as any other type of copywriting. Amazon copywriting requires keyword research and working on Amazon SEO keywords and rankings. If you’re looking to extend your listings to multiple marketplaces, it helps to have a professional copywriter who not only crafts words beautifully but has the skills to work with Amazon SEO and keyword rankings.


Inventory Management

Inventory Management is an important task that can make or break your sales and profit. Any entrepreneur selling on Amazon has to keep an eye on their inventory when ordering and restocking products in the warehouse. Hiring a virtual assistant who has expertise in inventory management can secure profitability and reduce overall storage costs.

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Product Photography

Unless this is something you already do, Product Photography is better outsourced. Product Photography is something most Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs don’t have the skills to do. You may also do your own product photography, thanks to this product photography guide by Amazon. However, if you have the resources for it, it’s still best to hire a professional photographer.


Amazon PPC Manager

Amazon PPC are sponsored ads, and is a well-known advertising platform that help sellers boost their product sales online. Managing an Amazon PPC campaign can be a lot of work, skill, and takes a lot of time. Spending money on ads is a good decision, but allowing an expert manage your campaign can be worth it.

When you’ve hired someone to manage your Amazon PPC Campaigns, make sure to define the rules to keep things transparent (Advertising Costs, daily budget and cost per click).


Customer Service

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) has its own customer support that you can utilize, but seasoned Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs will tell you that hiring someone who is skilled at customer service will pay dividends much better. Great customer support is its own marketing, not only because it increases the chances of removing negative feedback, but it also brings in loyal customers and consumers in the long run.
Outsourcing customer support is very common because it is not very expensive. A customer support virtual assistant is someone who can focus on customer issues and complaints.


As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to put all of your energy into your business on your own. Outsourcing certain tasks as an Amazon Seller helps with freeing up your time for sure, and the added concerns about tasks you know nothing about.

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