The primary objective of digital marketers is to find new and unique ways to engage their audience. This is crucial in order to bring their establish their brand’s online presence, boost the market’s awareness, and hopefully increase their sales. 

However, competition in the ecommerce industry is at an all-time high. Gone are the days when blog posts are the only thing needed to improve ranking in search engines. Now, video content creation is the newest way to effectively draw people’s attention while also establishing your footing in the web’s analytics. 


Different Ways To Utilize Video Content In Your Ecommerce Business

Video marketing is not as simple as posting random videos online, hoping that one would go viral. Just like any other marketing campaign, video creation needs to be strategic in order to get the best possible end results. With that, here are some of the most effective ways to use video marketing to grow your ecommerce business.


Highlight your product

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As an ecommerce business, one of the easiest ways for you to promote your brand is by highlighting your products or services through video content. You can do this in two ways – product close-ups and product reviews.

A product close-up is a type of video content that doesn’t need a lot of script or dialogue. It is mostly a product demonstration that highlights the important features and unique details of the product. An effective product close-up video typically uses amazing cinematography and editing to make the entire video look more robust and appealing. Transitions and shot choices are both important elements of this type of video content. 

There is also an option to just use background music with the product close-up video or to add a short and snappy script. It’s like an added layer of marketing tactic that highlights the product further through adjectives and simple descriptions. The good thing about this type of video content is that it doesn’t have to be long. The ideal video length for an online product or service demo is only around 15 to 30 seconds. 

On the other hand, a product review is a type of long-form video content that aims to provide a clearer understanding of what the product is and why people should buy it. A product review video content normally goes in-depth with the different features, specifications, and benefits of the product on hand. It can also compare the product to other brands, models, or versions to better highlight its improvement and development.

Timing can also be a tool when it comes to publishing a product or service review content. Ecommerce businesses can create a review of a product that is yet to be released to create excitement and anticipation from buyers. At the same time, posting an in-depth look right after the product launch also helps potential customers with reliable feedback from those with hands-on experience with the product. In addition to this, create content that reviews the product after several months of using it in order to show the kind of user experience it provides on a day-to-day basis. 


Provide tutorials

Aside from simple product promotions, another effective way to encourage sales is to provide guides and tutorials on how to use your product. While the primary goal of a tutorial video is to provide step-by-step instructions, it can also be used to further highlight the unique features of the product and how this improvement significantly changes the user’s overall experience.Product tutorial videos are best suited for buyers that are still on the edge or skeptical. Many buyers tend not to be carried by exaggerated and grand marketing claims. Instead, they look into a hands-on explainer video and see how effective and beneficial the product would actually be. When done correctly, a product tutorial can boost sales as it serves as proof that the product works as it should. It also tells your customers how to achieve the same level of success from the said product. 


Bring entertainment to the table

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Video content creation in ecommerce doesn’t always have to be serious. While the goal is still about promoting your product in order to boost sales, the way it is delivered doesn’t always have to be in a professional and business-like manner. Just like blog posts, the tone and style of the video influence how a targeted audience receives and digests the content. And to make things feel a little bit lighter, why not make your content style more on the entertaining side of video content creation? 

Entertainment is one the easiest easy to engage people and pique their interest. So when your product demonstration video ads are designed to be funny, easy to digest, and lighthearted while still being informational, then you’re likely to catch the attention of more and more people. In addition to this, it also becomes a way to increase traffic, boost brand awareness, and establish reliability as an online store without being completely boring or uninteresting to the larger audience.

Content marketers have infiltrated some of the most popular social media platforms as a place to publish entertaining online videos. The latest reports put the number of social media users in the world at roughly 4.6 billion people. If a video turns out to be successfully entertaining, it’s easy for social media users to share videos and make them viral. This in turn can quickly bring traction to your brand and boost your presence on social media and online. 



Ecommerce businesses can benefit from video content creation when utilized to their strengths. The way an audience would receive such a marketing campaign highly depends on the type of content and how it is delivered. Many fear jumping into video content marketing because they think that it requires grandiose video recording equipment when in fact it’s possible to start your campaign even with a simple smartphone. All in all, video marketing opens a lot of doors and opportunities for online businesses. From reaching a larger audience, effectively promoting their products, showing their success, and establishing their name as a reliable brand in the industry. 


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