The number of consumers watching video content is growing exponentially.

Content marketing has transformed so much in the past decade, and video has been at the forefront. Marketers and companies have attested to how effective video marketing is in connecting your brand or business to your audience.

However, despite the obvious potential of video marketing, there are still businesses and content marketers that set this strategy aside Some marketers still prefer merely producing blog articles, case studies, or infographics. It’s understandable though because churning out regular video content that’s unique and fresh takes a lot of time and resources.


Different Types of Content for Video Marketing

If you’re considering including video content in your marketing arsenal, here are ten engaging video content that you might like to try.
With great SEO and great writing, blogs by themselves are great, but video blogs or vlogs are the future of marketing, and the future is now.

People assume that to be able to pull off a great vlog would mean burning off your resources in equipment, but the beauty of vlogs is it can be just as effective regardless of your production. As long as you establish a unique brand voice, a personal image that your audience can relate to, you’re good to go.

It’s quite easy and cheap to shoot a short vlog. All you need is your smartphone or webcam, and perhaps a basic outline or script of what you want to talk about. People often enjoy vlog content that is simple, but solid. Vlogs are proof that you can do great video content without spending much on anything.


Interview Q&A

CEOs, renowned entrepreneurs and influencers do interviews with fellow entrepreneurs and marketers in podcasts. Authors and entrepreneurs like Tim Ferris host regular podcast shows and interview people who talk about topics that their audience might get insight from.

Interview videos are great for building brand authority because they help you establish authority through input by a respected voice. They also give your audience an intimate 1-1 experience, where someone in your business or niche answers insightful, or hard-hitting questions. Most of all, interview videos align your brand with a leader or an inspiring person that your audience can take value from.

Like the vlog, an interview doesn’t have to be heavily produced or heavily scripted. As an interviewer, your responsibility is to keep your guests talking, discussing hot topics, trends, and tips that they might be able to share with the audience.

The more interview videos you have, the more credibility you build through brand association. Interviews are also a nice way for interviewees to share their work, but they can also share the interview through their own channels, amplifying the reach to drive more traffic your way.



A webinar is practically an event or a seminar that is attended by an online audience.
When people are looking for easy ways to learn about topics they’re interested in, webinars are the go-to type of video content. You can invite guests to speak about topics that your audience might find interesting, and promote your webinar through social media, or paid ads. Use Facebook ads or Facebook Events to share your webinar. This way, not only do you gain traction for your event, but you also get traffic and leads to your brand and business.

a live webinar
Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

As a beginner, Google Calendar can be your friend. Host a free webinar or event by setting up calendar invites through Google Calendar.



This is probably one of the most long-standing types of video content around. Tutorials/How To videos have created influencers with a huge following and Youtube stars simply by posting tutorials of creations that they make or do well.

Content creators like Binging with Babish have gained millions of followers by making video tutorials of recipes from movies and tv shows. Since he began, his channel has grown so much he has been collaborating with other chefs and personalities, getting tie-ins with major brands, and has made his own line of cookware.

A few takeaways we can get from Millenial and younger creators like Babish who get the market is that a) People love watching videos that b) bring them insight.

As long as you understand your audience and put quality tutorials that give value to people, you can earn their trust, which leads to a sale.


Product Review

Every day, people Google and research the quality of certain products. This has made product review videos some of the most helpful types of video content out there.

With product review videos, it helps to have already established some credibility and trust with your audience. You can show viewers unique features and the benefits of your product, and answer common questions. This gives your audience and prospects all the information they need to make a decision around purchasing your product.

Freakin’ Reviews has made a name for himself by doing product review videos that his audience not only finds helpful but also entertaining.



Live Streaming

Livestreams have gained traction in 2015 and has since become one of the more popular kinds of video content out there. News, sports channels, and influential personalities announcing new products and events know the benefits of a live stream video.

Live stream videos work because people dislike missing out on things. In live videos, the audience usually doesn’t know what’s going to happen, so they choose to stick to the live stream. Facebook Live is a popular feature exactly for this reason.

Live streams generate more engagement than regular videos and receive more engagement compared to regular posts or blog posts. Agorapulse reports that the reach of live streams is higher than uploaded videos.

Another great feature of live stream videos is that it allows real-time community interaction. Viewers can join the conversation as the video unfolds, and may even get acknowledged by the broadcaster, live on air.  Livestream videos do so well because of their adjustability and the many kinds of video content you can make including product launches, Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes videos of events.



Flexible and adaptable, Animated videos are fun to play with and relatively easy to use for video marketing. Freemium animation programs are easy to come by, you can create animated videos on your laptop conveniently.

Animated videos are a great way to break down complex topics and turn these concepts into easy-to-digest content. Major brands with technical products use animated videos to explain how their products work.  This ad by Google featuring Chromebook explaining the perks of purchasing the product is an example of animation simplifying the use of a new and potentially complicated product.

Because of the simplicity of how concepts are delivered by this type of video content, animated videos are mostly used as explainer videos.


Behind-the-Scenes/Company Culture

Brand storytelling is a great way to inspire or captivate your audience, and distinguish your company from others. Because of this, one of the best types of video content you can use is a behind-the-scenes video that shows your company culture.

Here’s Mindvalley showcasing their cool headquarters in Malaysia and their employees having a fun time at work.

These kinds of videos are immersive and give your audience and potential customers an intimate view of your company, forging a connection with your brand. With Company Culture videos, your viewers get a glimpse of the daily affairs in the office, see the design of your office, or how everyone in your office is human.


There are more types of video content you can explore out there, but these are eight of the best ones that companies and brands use regularly. If you’re still on the fence about using videos for your marketing campaigns, just see what video marketers have to say about producing video content. Creating videos may seem intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s going to be worth the initial toil.



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