Task Management Techniques For Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants often deal with numerous responsibilities and a multitude of tasks every day. Whether it’s to answer phone calls, reply to emails, perform data entry, or any other time-consuming administrative tasks. Virtual assistants typically spend long hours dealing with whatever assigned task needs to be finished.   An important part of effectively dealing with […]

5 Great Podcasts for Virtual Assistants and Freelancers

Virtual Assistants and freelancers alike don’t have it easy even though they seem to have it all figured out. Managing your own work schedule, being your own boss, and handling as many clients you want all sound great and cool until you realize the many stresses that go with the job. Not only do you […]

The Benefits of Hiring a Medical Virtual Assistant 

Virtual Assistants all around the world have proven time and again how adaptable and indispensable they are to the entrepreneurs, executives, and other clients they work with. Depending on their skills and practice, they can help any executive or business owner who needs a virtual assistant, especially those who want to eliminate monotonous tasks and […]

Connecting with Your Customers through Empathy in Marketing

Marketers and content creators are in the business of establishing relationships between the company and their consumers, or their potential audience. This becomes apparent when we talk with a business about their communications plan, social media strategy, website development or a simple advertisement, the first conversation always starts with “tell us more about your audience.” […]

How an Online Executive Assistant can be your Most Valuable Hire

According to a 2021 Statista study, there are 67 million freelancers in the US alone. Meanwhile, in one of the biggest sources of remote workers and virtual assistants the Philippines, there are approximately 1.5 million freelancers as of 2022. In those numbers, some of the highest paid freelancers are online executive assistants. The wealthiest and […]

Maximize Your Productivity With These Scheduling Tips 

  If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, you’re always on the lookout for ways to save time. A few minutes here, a shortcut there. A more efficient way to shave a few seconds off a task. All of this work that we put into time-saving strategies has to amount to something, right?   But maybe we’re […]