Uncovering The Digital World: Social Media Platforms Explained

In today’s highly digital world, social media platforms have become one of the leading channels for people to connect and communicate with each other. Through the years, these social media platforms have evolved to create the perfect digital sphere for web users.  From Facebook’s simple user interface for social networking turning into a full-blown content […]

Helpful Tips For Conducting Engaging Podcast Interviews

Podcast interviews are the most popular format in the podcast industry. It typically involves a podcast host and a guest that will be interviewed about a particular topic or niche. Podcast interviews are often considered simple as the format opens opportunities to provide valuable information while creating engaging conversations with podcast guests. However, conducting an […]

Social Media Marketing Explained: Instagram Marketing

Instagram has become a widely popular social media platform. While the site started as a photo-sharing platform in 2010, it has evolved into a humongous platform with a wide variety of features. Acquired by Meta in 2012, Instagram’s popularity continued to grow and now has more than 2 billion monthly active users. But what exactly […]

Social Media Platforms Explained: YouTube Marketing

The use of social media for marketing purposes has been a common practice these days. However, digital marketers still need to know the differences between each social media platform. YouTube is one of the most used social media platforms. It has over 2 billion monthly active users and is the largest video-sharing platform in the […]

Social Media Platforms Explained: Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a dominating social media platform. With nearly 3 billion active users worldwide, it is one of the most accessible social media sites for people of all ages. Considering this, it is no wonder why brands and businesses quickly drive their marketing efforts on Facebook. From the platform’s advertising programs to Facebook messenger chatbots, […]

Social Media Platforms Explained: LinkedIn For Marketing

While LinkedIn is not as massive as Facebook or YouTube, this social networking platform has slowly grown into a staple for businesses and professionals. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn was designed primarily for professional networking. Job seekers, employers, businesses, and organizations use it to build valuable professional relationships in their own industries.  However, LinkedIn is more […]