Marketing Strategies In Social Media Platforms Explained

Social media is part of everyone’s lives, especially for the younger generation. With billions of people browsing through social media platforms every day, there is no wonder why digital marketers have utilized these platforms as part of their marketing campaigns.  Creating a social media business profile is one of the first things that any online […]

SEO In YouTube Video Marketing

Video marketing has been a pivotal marketing tool in recent years and social media platforms such as YouTube are a crucial part of this growth. Data shows that the global average monthly watch time on the platform is around 15 hours per month, much of this is consumed on mobile devices that are easily accessible […]

A Deep Dive On The Art Of Podcast Marketing

Over the years, digital marketing trends have changed dramatically. Gone are the days when pop-up ads are the most effective way to generate traffic and get customers. Now, consumers and even web analytics place a heavy emphasis on content, primarily on its value and relevance to web users. Even popular marketing strategies such as search […]