Guide To Video Marketing Key Performance Indicators

Video content accounts for the majority of web content. With more than 244 million viewers worldwide, there is no wonder why more and more digital marketers are looking into the different video marketing strategies to adopt in their campaigns. According to recent reports, 86% of digital marketers use video content and consider video as a […]

Proven Ways To Improve Your Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing is an extremely popular strategy nowadays. According to recent reports, around 85% of digital marketers use video content as a marketing tool. In addition to this, 92% of marketers share that video offers positive ROIs.    However, many still struggle to find the right formula to make their brand videos consistently perform and […]

Social Media Platforms Explained: LinkedIn For Marketing

While LinkedIn is not as massive as Facebook or YouTube, this social networking platform has slowly grown into a staple for businesses and professionals. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn was designed primarily for professional networking. Job seekers, employers, businesses, and organizations use it to build valuable professional relationships in their own industries.  However, LinkedIn is more […]

Reasons Why You Should Get Into Video Marketing

In recent years, video content marketing has been a key strategy for most digital marketers. Using engaging, stimulating, and entertaining online video content has made it easy for marketers to catch people’s attention, pique their interest, and engage for longer periods. Viewers have also shared their positive experiences with video content and marketing. According to […]

Referral Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce Business

Did you know that family and friends are some of the most influential people in our lives? Their opinions and suggestions play a significant role in our decision-making practices. This also includes our purchasing habits and behavior, such as the restaurant your mother suggested or the clothing brand your sibling showed you.   Referral marketing […]